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MOOC Week 5:
Policies and Regulations for the Energy-Agriculture Nexus

Alisher Mirzabaev, Senior Researcher at the Center for Development Research (ZEF), University of Bonn, elaborates on policies and regulations for the Energy-Agriculture Nexus.


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  1. Profile photo of Claire Stam

    Now we’re getting into the implementation phase. Exciting !

  2. Profile photo of Sogo Mayokun Abolarin

    Transform value chain to value web…this is very interesting

  3. Profile photo of Paul Kuria  njogu

    The video presentation by Alisha Mirzabaev was very informative especially on issue on energy transiton, regulations and policies. Focussing on agricultural value webs and not only on value chain is also key.

  4. Profile photo of Debele Debela

    The start for week 5 is impressive. The video gives good picture of the week.

  5. Profile photo of Innocent SIMPUNGA

    Good presentation and very informative

  6. Profile photo of Innocent SIMPUNGA

    good recommendation from the presentation

  7. Profile photo of Leonard Chitongo

    Let us all move from the linear economy to the circular economy – what a great idea!

  8. Profile photo of Ronald Ochieng Mwanga

    Nice overview.value Web seems a new concept.Learning everyday

  9. Profile photo of Manasseh B. Shitta

    Great inside for the reader of this week. Hope to learn more of the new concept of the value chain which has transited to value web.

  10. Profile photo of Gaudence Swai

    wow! it’s a video full of information

  11. Profile photo of Raymond Sseguya

    “POLITICAL ECONOMY” is necessary.

  12. Profile photo of Jill Dana Mugisa

    this was too not easy to understand but after reading the reader, it now makes sense. most of the terms seemed new.

  13. Profile photo of Joseph Kirule

    This presentation introduced me to the reality of Value chains and Value webs. The value web concept actually broadens the opportunity for transforming the agricultural value chains using renewable energy and energy efficiency measures.

    Enabling Policy and regulation is a key ingredient in the move toward powering agriculture through modern energy. This is a very pertinent and interesting topic for me. Looking forward to the week’s reader.

  14. Profile photo of Adekunle Abdul

    Well delivered introduction! Gives me the feeling that it is possible to build the perpetual machine!
    Energy = Life and Renewable Energy = Better, Cleaner and more profitable Life

  15. Profile photo of Dismas Angura Odula

    The video lesson is quite informative, packed with interesting and factual knowledge with very vital in transforming the Agricultural sector and ensuring sustainable development

  16. Profile photo of Lynette Rudder

    The video always helps you understand the weeks reading.Looking at the policy aspect of the course help me see clearly why and how we do what we while achieving sustainability.

  17. Profile photo of Ahmad Murtaza Ershad

    Policies are regulations are so critical to the development.

  18. Profile photo of Katherinne Benavides Cortes

    We arrived to politics .. of the issues that should have more consideration especially in developing countries .. I am excited is my favorite subject !!

  19. Profile photo of Chimaobi Nna

    Policies…without them we wouldn’t achieve so much

  20. Profile photo of Sarah M. Edelman

    Also, being able to clearly understand the presenter makes the learning process much more enjoyable. (I’m terrible with thick accents)

  21. Profile photo of Elijah Mutungi

    This is the beginning of the economics of the agriculture and energy nexus.

  22. Profile photo of Mr. Anthony Madume

    This section provides very helpful and useful information for all course participants, specially, in terms of the role of governments in effective policy implementation and the provision of financial support to farmers aimed at enhancing agricultural productivity and the use of technology. Clearly, the distinction between the Linear and Circular Economy threw light on the economics of human activities and their overall impacts going forward. An excellent video content.

    Anthony Madume

  23. Profile photo of Abdulmutalib Yussuff

    Impressive presentation on RE policies and regulations

  24. Profile photo of David Dakouo

    Great video about renewable energy policies and regulations. I think in many african countries we have interesting regulations and policies. The problem is about the application of those regulations and policies. Due to fact that the RE is not really promoted and also most of entrepreneur doesn’t have access of financial support or RE technology …

  25. Profile photo of Charles Dakoua Diarra

    Excellent introduction to RE policy, regulations, and financing mechanisms.
    As one of the longest video so far, one does not feel it due to the exciting and interesting information delivered.
    Thank you for the additional knowledge mentioned in a very structure way.

  26. Profile photo of Gladis Maritza Calderón Ysmodes

    Terrific introduction to RE policy, regulations, and financing mechanisms. I am very happy to be here to improve my knowlege on policies and regulations for the Energy-Agriculture Nexus.

    . Thank you

  27. Profile photo of Rachel Redman

    I finally got a pic up someone give me a pat on the i am learning oh so much the course teachings as well as about the computer

  28. Profile photo of Mahovo Blessed

    Very good video. Really shows the importance of energy and the networks ie value chains and webs. Makes me want to be a revolutionary in this field esp in developing nations

  29. Profile photo of HAMADOU TCHIEMOGO

    Very nice and fruitful presentation

  30. Profile photo of Richard Aoun

    Very informative presentation. Was a little too fast which made it challenging to take notes, however unlimited playback is helpful in this case. Thank you!

  31. Profile photo of Innocent Azih

    Very interesting economic and regulatory linkage in the energy-agriculture nexus. Policy is key in markets and regulations enable the sustainability and scale-up of innovations and technologies.
    I enjoyed the presentation.

  32. Profile photo of Emily Olsson

    What role does government procurement play in changing behaviors?

  33. Profile photo of REVOCATUS VALERY KIMARIO

    Very impressive it helps a lot in developing our advocacy project on energy and Post harvest Management

  34. Profile photo of Peter Oduor

    Energy regulations very educative

  35. Profile photo of Abdiaziz Ahmed

    Very interesting presentation and exceptionally expert teacher

  36. Profile photo of RONALD MARUMBI

    very informative introduction to week 5. Social economic and policy impacts of energy clearly highlighed

  37. Profile photo of Hadijah Nantambi Ssekyondwa

    This was very informative, I will find out the energy regulations and policies in my country. the new term value web was interesting.

  38. Profile photo of Shahbina Labib

    the video presentation is very informative.

  39. Profile photo of Olusola Adefurin

    What an informative journey this has been….Thanks once again to the organisers of this course…Well done!

  40. Profile photo of Ibnu Budiman

    It is interesting, especially about the value webs , it gives me idea for our exising project.

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