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MOOC Week 3:
Bioenergy Resources & Technologies

Miguel Franco, Senior Environmental Specialist and Senior Bioenergy Specialist, provides
an overview on bioenergy resources and technologies. You will get an introduction to biogas
and learn more about biogas technologies in agricultural value chains.


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  1. Profile photo of Phillip Goredema

    very enlightening I always thought biogas had no commercial applications other than domestic lighting and cooking

  2. Profile photo of Sogo Mayokun Abolarin

    The content of the video is straight to the point. Well presented

  3. Profile photo of Alina Violeta Gioaba

    A very clear presentation about biogas. I do not know much about renewable energy but with the course content i am slowly learning . Thanks

  4. Profile photo of REVOCATUS VALERY KIMARIO

    Very informative, good to learn with use of simple language, Thanks to the presenters i am really inspired

  5. Profile photo of Mamadou FALL

    Good introduction on bioenergy and biogas
    the speech focuses only on biogas and not the fertilizer generated by the digester. I think it is important to underline the biofertilizer in order to emphasize the key role of biogas system in sustainable agriculture production. the reuse of suh digestated organic substrats suitable for biogas production can lead to reduce the use of mineral fertilizer as well as the reduction on indirect energy in agriculture

    • Profile photo of Caspar Sayany

      In traditional farming, manure is often used as natural fertiliser. I’d've thought that using the by products of bioenergy production from manure as fertiliser is similar to how manure has been used as a fertiliser traditionally. I think it’s very important that when, for instance, manure is used for bioenergy production, the use of it as a fertiliser is not squandered, causing the use of other man made, high energy fertilisers. This would undermine the entire project.

  6. Profile photo of ustun nevim

    thank you guys, I like this unity of you there. Every one must have a story of coming and developing … I wish to be answered as I am about to find the answer to the information I have read recently, which is the energy level , from plants to cows, and to us ….does the pant have the highest energy than cow meat ?
    In my experience it is not possible, meat gives higher energy, but why the biology books explains that plants have higher energy as the first source from the sun, then chickens, cows, sheep , etc and us, we get the some of the plants as most wasted …
    Then , what is the first energy in plants, and in cow and in us ???

  7. Profile photo of ustun nevim

    I wonder the energy type we use in our brain , and what animals use , there is ATP here, is it the same with animals? It cannot be , there must be a difference ??
    There must be a difference from the point of our consuming of the all to be given the power over the rest of the creatures on the earth…
    There is a link, here:
    any contribution is appreciated

    We need to know “biological justice ” within the energy circle
    biology and agriculture to respect this justice

  8. Profile photo of Caspar Sayany

    Great that there are some technologies that make bioenergy production so straight forward for small scale applications.

  9. Profile photo of Zowulu Seepo

    Very inspiring and I look for detail interns of how It can be prepared.

  10. Profile photo of Charles Dakoua Diarra

    Very interesting presentation on the bio energy sources. Small scale systems are of great interest in most rural areas in developing countries, for farmers.

  11. Profile photo of ustun nevim

    I wish Allan Savory was involved into your group too

  12. Profile photo of Joseph Kirule

    this is a very concise overview of Bioenergy and Biogas by Prof Miguel. I particularly found very interesting the fact that Biogas can be used in the transportation sector but of course requiring heavy capital costs.I believe in future this cleaner fuel will solve product distribution challenges faced by many rural farmers in the developing world. I also like that Biogas can be developed for different scales of application depending on the prevailing feed-stalk and investment capacity. Very educative presentation

  13. Profile photo of Jill Dana Mugisa

    thanks for the summarized but rich information

  14. Profile photo of Sarah M. Edelman

    Is it just me or is the video for the Introduction the same as this video?

  15. Profile photo of Mr. Anthony Madume

    A very excellent brief on Biogas and Biomass, the different types and they are made (naturally) and commercial benefits to humans.
    I was impressed and hope to utilize the knowledge gained.

    Thanks you,

    Anthony Madume

  16. Profile photo of Kiprono Shadrack

    Cow shit is hot! We have had a successful case in Kenya where we used biogas to run a chaff cutter for feeding the cows. This is a nice one, Franco.

  17. Profile photo of Innocent Azih

    Bioenergy resources are all over us, and has been designed by mother nature to be the driving power for sustainable earth. This lecture brings the sources and resource access very vividly. The late development of the resources has been a major hindrance to its scalability in economic growth and development models.
    However, I think the world is ready for this trajectory. Thanks

  18. Profile photo of Habtamu Seyoum Aragaw

    Interesting insight about biogas technology

  19. Profile photo of Juan Carlos Isaza

    Very good introduction, I did not know biogas could be so diverse in the technologies by which it can be used. Very curious to learn more. This course has been very interesting.

  20. Profile photo of Honour Mutambara

    Nothing goes to waste- Zimbabwe Biogas Programme adage

  21. Profile photo of Manuel Alejandro Sánchez Olvera

    So informative and well presented! I liked that there were diagrams that synthesize the information, thank you so much for the effort.

  22. Profile photo of Paul Kuria  njogu

    in informative crip by Miguel. thanks

  23. Profile photo of Carina Bauer

    Very informative presentation about bioenergy. Easy to understand, thank you very much.

  24. Profile photo of RONALD MARUMBI

    bio energy resources and technologies well articulated

  25. Profile photo of Elijah Mutungi

    Biogas promotion in small scale is the future in ASAL areas where environmental degradation is rampant

  26. Profile photo of Janet Awopole Yepakeh Tiah

    Its straight to the point but The instructor was fast.

  27. Profile photo of Jacqueline K. Boltz

    I appreciate the thorough, yet clear and easy to understand, introduction to the concepts of bio-energy and the many uses/technologies available through its use.

  28. Profile photo of Jill Dana Mugisa

    @poweringag how do i contact Dr miguel franco if i want to ask him a question about biogas

  29. Profile photo of Alejandro Tirado

    Interesting explanation on bioenergy, simple and very informative on the types and its requirements.

  30. Profile photo of Judith Ephraim

    I was particularly interested in the gas lanterns that use biogas.

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