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MOOC Week 8:
Summary of the MOOC

In this last video of the PoweringAg MOOC, Professor Ramchandra Bhandari summarizes the previous weeks. Have a look and see what you have learned in the past 2 months!


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  1. Profile photo of REVOCATUS VALERY KIMARIO

    Thank you for the summary, read for implementation of the gained knowledge and skills

  2. Profile photo of Leonard Chitongo

    Thank you Professor for the summary of the course and for your guidance throughout the course

  3. Profile photo of Innocent SIMPUNGA

    ALL weeks are well summarized. Thanks a lot Prof Dr, Ing and all supporters

  4. Profile photo of Gladis Maritza Calderón Ysmodes

    Thank You Professor Ramchandra Bhandari for the summary.

  5. Profile photo of RONALD MARUMBI

    It was an interesting and educational course. thank you for the summary

  6. Profile photo of Dilip Goolab Morar

    ……and a big thank you too Professor Bhandari and all other knowledge sharers. A great amount of learning has been acquired by all, learning that is thought provoking, learning that is inspiring, and learning that is geared towards action, for a sustainable, cleaner, safer, and financially viable, alternative energy harnessing and utilization. I think, and I hope you have unleashed a mighty ARMY, that is going to wage war on wasteful and polluting, energy generators. Thank you all once again and all the best for the future. May the positive energy be with you all always.

  7. Profile photo of Savannah Miles

    Thank You Professor Ramchandra Bhandari as well as all the other contributors. I do enjoy these summarised presentations.

  8. Profile photo of Cristina Mergner

    Great videos. Mr. Bhandari, I really enjoyed your (short) lectures. Thank you.

  9. Profile photo of winfred lusige

    Great summary to remind us on the weekly progression of the course just incase someone was left behind due to unavoidable circumstances..Thank you professor, and the entire team.

  10. Profile photo of Yohannes Mekonnen

    Thank you Professor, it was wonderful. The last two months were interesting.

  11. Profile photo of Thulani Ncube

    Thank you to the team that put all this together. It was very enriching.

  12. Profile photo of Chokri Aslouj

    thank you professor for your dedication to the cause of renewable energies and the peotection of our planet, thank you for this enriching experiment

  13. Profile photo of Mr. Anthony Madume

    At last, we are in Week 8. Just as the saying goes, every good thing has an end. Thanks Professor Ramchandra Bhandari for a good video summarising the Weeks MOOC – 1 to 8 resdpectively.

    I seize this opportunity to thank the Tutors and/or organisers of this MOOC for their dedication, commitment and ability to co-ordinate this course to the end. I recognise that it has not easy putting on a course of this nature and to co-ordinate and supervise it to the Week 8, particularly taking cognisance of the very large of participants.

    I personally thank you all for doing a great job. Plus, it is my please to extend my heartfelt greetings to my fantastic team West Africa colleagues who overcame challenges by working together on the assignments 1 and 2. Well done. I must not forget other friends I made along the way in course of my contributions on the MOOC platform(s).

    Finally, it has not been easy coming thus far in the midst of our schedules. I believe we have done our best and learned a lot from this course.

    I hope to meet you guys again someday, and please don’t fail to say Hello.

    Anthony Madume

  14. Profile photo of Tan Yu Chuan

    Thank you very much for making this course happen, really did enjoyed it and learnt a lot from it!

  15. Profile photo of Paul Kuria  njogu

    Thanks Prof. for the summary of the course.

  16. Profile photo of Bernard Makokha Willis

    This has been a very empowering course. Heavy congratulations to the organizers and sponsors of such a wonderful course. I, though with full expertise in renewable energy, climate change and energy efficiency, have benefited greatly. I seriously do look forward to a similar programme in the near future. It has really proved that we leave in a global village. We therefore have no other option but to network up all of us and work towards “our common future”, as put by the Brundtland Report.

  17. Profile photo of Abdinasir Sadik Mukhtar

    Good end but for those who have good starting right now.

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