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MOOC Week 7:
Business Models for the Energy-Agriculture Nexus

In this week’s video Professor Ramchandra Bhandari, TH Köln – University of Applied Sciences, builds on the previous economic lessons to introduce you to business models for clean energy projects for agriculture. Learn about the theory as well as about real-life examples in this video!


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  1. Profile photo of Sogo Mayokun Abolarin

    Prof. Ramchandra Bhandari, thank you for the giving us the breakdown and details in this video

  2. Profile photo of MUHUMUZA ALOIZIOUS

    true that. my comment is tht the last two videos are not clear in wordings as the fiist ones we recieved. what about to you???,,

  3. Profile photo of PoweringAg

    @bulima thanks for your feedback. Could you please elaborate what you mean? That would be very helpful for us when looking for a solution.

  4. Profile photo of Kristin Hentschel

    I guess it has been difficult to follow the pronounciation of Prof. Ramchandra Bhandari. It has this “asian” accent, which is different from the British or American English in terms of speed and clearance. Anyway, for me it was helpful to copy the video URL and open it in youtube and change the settings for subtitles to English than I could see what he said. It is like a new sound for the ears, but you need to train it and I understand this better than a British pronounced English because I am used to it. And the content is very good to follow through the notes in the video. Thank you for the work contribution to produce the videos.

  5. Profile photo of Chokri Aslouj

    thank you professor for this lecture

  6. Profile photo of Mr. Anthony Madume

    Thanks very much Professor Ramchandra Bhandari for putting the video together. As usual, it gave me some pointers and threw light to the tasks / Assignment 2 required for this Week 7, supported with the aid of your examples. For me, I shall play the video again to fully digest the mathematical aspects and calculations that needs or may need to be done to complete the assignment successfully with team members. I am already familiar with some of the terminologies used, as they were used in Week 6 eg NPV, IRR< Payback Time, etc in the equation.

    Personally, I think the contents of Week 6 and Week 7 have brought this MOOC course together for greater business and economic understanding and application in our individual / company and in projects initiatives that are designed for the greater good of our countries eg Africa, Asia, Europe, etc.

    Clearly, the needs and circumstances of most of the above countries are very different from those of the advanced countries in many respects. It is therefore no wonder that most the above countries are leapfrogging in technological advancement eg renewable energy, renewable technologies and energy efficiency technologies, to mention a few.

    I sincerely thank all the Tutors for their dedication and commitment throughout this MOOC. Your support and knowledge sharing has been invaluable.


    Anthony Madume

  7. Profile photo of Kenneth Amas

    Real and practical lessons…thanks Mr. Bhandari

  8. Profile photo of Innocent Azih

    Once again, this is a good introduction to this week’s study by Professor Ramchandra Bhandari. It is refreshing by the business/investment case consideration into the renewable power input into the agri-projects.
    Thanks Prof.

  9. Profile photo of Innocent Azih

    Once again, this is a good introduction to this week’s study by Professor Ramchandra Bhandari. It is refreshing by making the business/investment case and renewable power input come together clearly in agri-projects.
    Thanks Prof.

  10. Profile photo of Manasseh B. Shitta

    Good intro. Prof. let us get it on..

  11. Profile photo of oluyinka kolapo

    Wonderful lecture very explanatory

  12. Profile photo of REVOCATUS VALERY KIMARIO

    Very excited lecture , thanks Prof insightful explanation and details in preparing business model. I really benefited the course.

  13. Profile photo of Timo Maassen

    nice looking forward ti this reader..

  14. Profile photo of Joseph Kirule

    This lecture introduces us to the practicability of the knowledge acquired in this MOOC. It was very exciting.

  15. Profile photo of Daniel Gahleitner

    In many small-scale business cases for rural community I have looked at, simple payback time calculation has given a good indication on the profitability of a project. Payback time should not be longer than 2 years.

  16. Profile photo of HAMADOU TCHIEMOGO

    Very clear presentation. Thank you Professor

  17. Profile photo of Karen Rieckmann

    Great to hear another presentation from Professor Ramchandra Bhandari, from TH Köln

  18. Profile photo of Rachel Redman

    This week is full of exciting things even real life very interesting

  19. Profile photo of Rachel Redman

    He started this video up my ally business models making and saving money I like this was really good i like how he broke is down easy to understand

  20. Profile photo of Charles Dakoua Diarra

    interesting introduction to system modeling. good to know about the importance of total cost and revenue in any project

  21. Profile photo of Manuel Alejandro Sánchez Olvera

    Thank you for your videos, professor Bhandari! I found them very informative.

  22. Profile photo of Yohannes Mekonnen

    Great to see you Professor again. It was a wonderful presentation.

  23. Profile photo of Katherinne Benavides Cortes

    Very interested in the practical cases .. knowledge applied to real life .
    I’m very excited. Thank you professor Bhandari

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