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MOOC Week 6:
Energy and Agriculture on the Micro Level

Stefania Bracco, expert in Energy-Smart Agri-Food Chains working for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), presents tools for techno-economic analysis of energy projects for agriculture.


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  1. Profile photo of Sogo Mayokun Abolarin

    Now we are talking about money. The video is informative. Thank you Dr. Stefania Bracco for the lecture

    • Profile photo of Kristin Hentschel

      It is not only talking about money. Keep the externalities in mind like GHG emissions and social impacts which are hardly expressable in “money”. That is what sustainability means highlighted in the 3 pillar model (ecological, social and economic impacts).

  2. Profile photo of Debele Debela

    The video, summarizes the the course in a good manner. I’m great full to Stefania Bracco who explained the course very well.

  3. Profile photo of Innocent Azih

    Good explanatory leads into the economic feasibility for establishing a profitable renewable energy intervention in agriculture and agribusiness.

  4. Profile photo of Abdulmutalib Yussuff

    Very helpful chapter in appraising investment options on RE projects for agribiz

  5. Profile photo of Gladis Maritza Calderón Ysmodes

    Excellent explanation about techno-economic analysis of energy projects for agriculture.
    thank you Dr. Stefania Bracco

  6. Profile photo of Oliul Hassan

    For me, microeconomics is always difficult to understand !

  7. Profile photo of Innocent SIMPUNGA

    good introduction for economic analysis, thanks a lot Stefania Bracco , the topic is very informative

  8. Profile photo of Chokri Aslouj

    the big picture of the course is becoming clearer with this week’s course on economics. Thank you for this introduction

  9. Profile photo of Peter Oduor

    Good to learn the cost benefit analysis

  10. Profile photo of Efstathios Vaitsos

    Economics play a significant role for any project. The analysis of CBA was very helpful to understand the economic environment.

  11. Profile photo of Dismas Angura Odula

    Now I see why the Economic analysis is vital for sustainability of the Agriculture-Energy nexus. This is quite powerful and insightful.

  12. Profile photo of Dr. Joseph Walusimbi

    This is getting more interesting. The practical aspects are now coming in, related to feasibility.

  13. Profile photo of Charles Dakoua Diarra

    In fact, it is interesting and exciting to learn the difference between economic and financial analysis, for those of us who are not economist.
    Thank you for that knowledge transfer

  14. Profile photo of winfred lusige

    Dr Stefania Bracco has done a great job on the video. She has put it out so plainly and makes it simple to comprehend this week’s lesson. CBA is a vital part of any project, Thanks

  15. Profile photo of Joseph Kirule

    This lecture gives the essential and important steps prior to deciding which clean energy intervention to introduce in an agri-food enterprise. I enjoyed it.

  16. Profile photo of Innocent Azih

    Absolutely a week of heavy resources and knowledge. Will keep upscaling

  17. Profile photo of DJOUSSE Boris Merlain

    Hello! Coming late but hope to catch up….

  18. Profile photo of Henrik Uehlecke

    I found this lecture very much to the point.

  19. Profile photo of Anja Schwerin

    looking forward to learn about investments and financing.

  20. Profile photo of Ehi Eboigbe

    Very concise presentation and good introduction to the reader

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