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    Quite good stuff for appraising an energy investment for sustainable Agriculture and development. I am impressed with the determination and application of profitability indicators. This will be an interesting week.

  2. Profile photo of Sogo Mayokun Abolarin

    This is a detailed material to initiate a business model for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

  3. Profile photo of Ambrose Ahimbisibwe

    Thanks for those examples under capital budgeting, they helped me follow closely

  4. Profile photo of Innocent SIMPUNGA

    Very good document to elaborate a business plan

  5. Profile photo of Olusegun Laiyenfe

    Great material, simple to understand and self explanatory.

  6. Profile photo of Innocent Azih

    Good piece for investment analysis and decision tool. The costing and profitability analysis is important for integrating renewable energy schemes into an existing agri-enterprise of creating a the model for a start-up agro business

  7. Profile photo of Raymond Sseguya

    @PoweringAg I have a number of questions from the week 7 Reader

    1. Why is that the NPV formula in the week 7 reader is different from the NPV formula in Microsoft Office Excel and LibreOffice Calc Spreadsheet?

    2. On example of grid connected gasification power plant, explain to me how you calculated the “Annual electricity generation (kWh” and the “Annual income from electricity feed-in (revenue) (€)”

    3. On example of a biogas plant, explain to me how you calculated the “Total avoided payment ($/year)”, the “Sale of fertilizer (0.04 $/kg)”, the “Required biogas plant size (m³) based on 60 days residence time and assumed density of 1000 kg/m³” and the “Generated fertilizer (1/5 of bio-waste quantity)”.

  8. Profile photo of Mr. Anthony Madume

    This Week 7 Reader made me change my mind on a serious of key issues related to the implementation of agricultural projects. I found it a thorough and simplified content, though filled with mathematical equations which some of us may find somewhat challenging. However, they have been equally useful in explaining the salient points that require our understanding if we are to embark on similar agricultural project initiatives in our countries. This is truly the case for what my brother seek to undertake in Nigeria. Thanks for the rich materials which we shall find helpful indeed.

    Anthony Madume

  9. Profile photo of Hudu  Banikoi

    I love this aspect of the course!

  10. Profile photo of Thulani Ncube

    This is a very rich document. the way it has been simplified is exceptional. Even a non economist understands would understand it.

  11. Profile photo of Ibnu Budiman

    Very practical and useful examples!

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