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    The financial and economic analyses are well explained

  2. Profile photo of Abdulmutalib Yussuff

    Well organized material with rich content. It gives deeper insights to the video teachings.

  3. Profile photo of Dismas Angura Odula

    The Financial and Economic analyses of energy and agricultural investments clearly presented and the concepts/principles in video presentation well articulated. Returns of any investments is crucial in deciding the most attractive enterprise. Good insight!

  4. Profile photo of Innocent SIMPUNGA

    good summary and well explanation, complementary with the video shown, once again thanks a lot

  5. Profile photo of Frederic Huissoud

    The figure 5 refers on energy price based in 2005, which is fairly old, Solar electricity cost has drastically decreased since 2005.

  6. Profile photo of Nyambe mununka

    very interesting video, learnt so much in the few minutes.

  7. Profile photo of Martins Oche Aba

    This weeks topic is very interesting, in as much we think Green, we should also think about income, This topic is an eye opener and will go along way to help in building a very stong foundation for agricultural business.

  8. Profile photo of Martins Oche Aba

    The financial and economic analysis were well handled, i am proud to be opportuned in participating MOOC,
    God bless the initiator and organizers of this program

  9. Profile photo of Paul Kuria  njogu

    New learning on cost and benefit analysis on energy investment. It is well presented both in video and the reader 6.

  10. Profile photo of Mr. Anthony Madume

    A very insightful, informative and lucid video content indeed. The video content refreshed my memory of CBA techniques / approaches and applications to some key projects in the UK which I learnt about during my post-graduate degree years ago. There are many case studies of key projects in the UK and around the world where CBA techniques were used or applied successfully. It is not easily applicable in all projects or cases. I can’t wait to pay attention to the reading materials and learn more. Many thanks Dr. Stefania Bracco, I really enjoyed the pace of your presentation and its content. I keen to read more on the concept of externalities and incremental decision making process(es) that are involved in the policy formulation, policy making and analysis in the energy-agriculture nexus and value chains.

    Finally, I also enjoyed your mention and distinction of the different types of agri-enterprises available and where renewable energy can be applied, including cost considerations.

    Anthony Madume

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    This is the first time I am exposed to a very useful presentation on CBA. Thanks a lot.

  12. Profile photo of Innocent Azih

    The material is very resourceful as a guide into energy-agriculture economics across and between value niches and chains of agribusiness. Investment balances in agriculture with respect to energy needs is critical to success. Understanding the specific value chain requirements for energy will enhance investment decisions with respect to renewable energy injection into the process or project., particularly with respect to the scale of enterprise.

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    Well writen and easy to understand , all the study matterials .

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    The reading material for week 6 is very interesting and easy to understand

  15. Profile photo of Abdulkadir Hassan

    Good working tools for investment decisions

  16. Profile photo of Christine Fröhlich

    thank you for the excellent links and material in the reader.
    I would not open one link on page 21 “FAO 2014-Walking the NEXUS tals….” pls check this link. thank you.

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    these notes give a good build up on the material so far discussed in the past weeks. undertaking this micro -economic analysis should lead to accurate decision making in the implementation of clean energy interventions within the Agri-food chain.

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    what I do understand is Financial and economic analysis and I think it was the core of this week.

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