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Dear all,

Time flies – we are in the last Week of the Powering Agriculture MOOC “Sustainable Energy for Food”. We hope that all of you enjoyed it as much as we did!

You’ve been amazingly busy – we’re delighted to see so much teamwork, creation, thinking and discussion, agreement and disagreement. Almost 40 groups have submitted the second Assignment – Good Job Everyone! Our experts at TH Köln will read through each assignment and provide collected feedback by Friday.

You are probably curious what your fellow participants submitted and good news, you will get the chance to read their work during this week’s Peer Review! You have until Friday to complete the Peer Review which means reading and reviewing two of your fellow MOOC-Participants submissions.


Don’t forget that you will only receive the Assignment Two Badge after we verified that you conducted two Peer-Reviews. For any questions check out our “How to MOOC” or contact our online tutors.

And what about WEEK 8?

Week 8 will give you a break: no new content but instead Professor Ramchandra Bhandari from TH Köln will shortly summarize the whole MOOC in our weekly Video. He will look back to the 7 weeks which were packed with loads of information and knowledge: You learned about the Energy Agriculture Nexus in general, different renewable energy resources and technologies, and energy efficiency, in the context of agricultural value chains, as well as about macro- and microeconomic aspects.

Our weekly Reader will be a collection of all Readers of the previous 7 weeks – giving you the chance to easily compile the learning material of this MOOC. In addition we will provide a Checklist which aims to help to identify appropriate clean energy solutions for agricultural value chains, and which provides you with a list of interesting financial institutions.

The Quiz for week 8 is also the final examination. We are pretty sure that, with your dedication and interest for the Energy Agriculture Nexus, you will take the last hurdle without any problems!

Enjoy the last week of our MOOC!

Your PoweringAg MOOC Team



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  1. Profile photo of Olusegun Laiyenfe

    Wow! Special thanks to the organizers, lecturers, various teams, etc. that put this program in place. It is a wonderful experience, I have learnt so much. Thanks!

  2. Profile photo of Leonard Chitongo

    Yes indeed it has been a worthwhile learning experience!

  3. Profile photo of Rolayo Omitogun

    It has been a wonderful experience. Thank you for this platform

  4. Profile photo of Innocent SIMPUNGA

    Good content, good team work and information exchange, once again thanks a lot for the organizers
    I gained more knowledge in the course

  5. Profile photo of Chelimo Ketter Naomi

    The culmination of it all. I have learnt a lot.

  6. Profile photo of Ramón Granada

    Sniff, sniff…this course has been a great place for meet people from different latitudes. I have been enjoying a great time, with excellent lectures and very good aditional material, sharing the work on assigments, etc.
    My sincere thanks to all MOOC team, including the people in backstage supporting this platform.
    It’s a great a challenge now for us, work for a world with food, less energy intensity and more sustainable for the next generations.

  7. Profile photo of Rebecca Milczarek

    Thank you to the MOOC team for putting together an engaging course! I hope to stay in touch with the global learners I have met here.

  8. Profile photo of Manasseh B. Shitta

    Yea nice to follow up with the MOOC course. Thumbs up to the MOOC team.

  9. Profile photo of winfred lusige

    Finally here…we are finishing the race strong ! it has been a pleasure learning from the MOOC fraternity.Looking forward to do the final lap..

  10. Profile photo of Innocent Azih

    It is amazing the amount of knowledge we have been able to squeeze into our system in this two months. Very intense and very useful. Thanks to our instructors and organizers

  11. Profile photo of PoweringAg

    @slaiyenfe, @natalieh, @leonardchitongo, @rolayo, @simpungai, @ncheli-2189, @rgranada, @rj16, @manasseh, @lusige, – thank you all for your nice words and the great feedback! I will forward it to the whole MOOC-Team!

  12. Profile photo of Christine Fröhlich

    Thanks so much to all lecturers and technical people involved in this MOOC!
    Thanks for keeping me continuing every week – by keeping me interested and curious what is next to come!

  13. Profile photo of Katherinne Benavides Cortes

    Thank you very much enjoyment and learned a lot. @PoweringAg excellent educational materials, well thought surely this course. all my thanks to the whole team of MOOC.
    Thank you very much also to globalize knowledge and enable the exchange of experiences, we must now take this knowledge and to promote and replicate what they learned.

    I would like that in the very near future cases develop in Colombia :)

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