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Week 7 – All about Business Models!

Dear All,

So far you have learned about macro and micro economic aspects relevant for planning clean energy projects for agricultural value chains. This week, as the last chapter of our economic section, is all about Business Models!

Our Video with Professor Ramchandra Bhandari, from TH Köln, will provide you with solid know-how on business models and common methods for business decision making – with a focus on hands-on aspects, including examples of financial analysis of grid connected and off-grid clean energy projects in the agricultural sector.

Keep an eye out for the Case Studies provided this week! You will find that these case studies bring together much of what you’ve learned in the previous chapters. They’ll give you an idea about how to analyze cost and revenue factors for specific projects. This hopefully will help you in implementing your own clean energy solutions for agricultural activities:

  • The Reader presents 3 real life examples: a gasification power plant fueled with rice husks in Vietnam; a solar dryer for drying fruits; and biogas plant for a farm.
  • In addition, a case study elaborated by the FAO analyses solar pumps for sustainable irrigation in Bangladesh. Check out the feasibility analysis as well as the financial and economic cost-benefit analysis!

And surprise: You are asked to complete this Week’s Quiz! You are so close now to the MOOC certificate - keep up your motivation, use the Video & Reader and you will complete the quiz easily!

This week is also the kickoff of the Second Team-Assignment! The Assignment asks you to apply the achieved economic knowledge on your own group projects. The submission is due by Sunday, March 20th, 2016. For details on requirements and submission, have a look here!

Remember – you need at least 1 Assignment Badge (in addition to further Badges) to earn the MOOC certificate. Take the chance and submit your team work this week!

So, let’s start Week 7…

… and keep up your impressive dedication and activity up for the final 2 weeks of the MOOC!


Your PoweringAg MOOC Team


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  1. Profile photo of Sogo Mayokun Abolarin

    Learning business models … interesting

  2. Profile photo of Gaudence Swai

    wow! things are getting much and much interesting

  3. Profile photo of Efstathios Vaitsos

    Looking forward for the new Assignment.

  4. Profile photo of Manasseh B. Shitta

    This is the heart of the course. After learning the technique, it is time to draw out business model

  5. Profile photo of Raymond Sseguya

    I have been struggling with finding the right business model for my start up company.

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