Introduction to Week 5

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Hello everyone,

Welcome to Week 5 of Powering Agriculture – Sustainable Energy for Food!

So far we learned about

  • Basics of the Energy-Agriculture Nexus
  • Energy Resources and Technologies in general and Solar Energy Technologies in particular
  • Bioenergy Resources and Technologies, as well as Biogas Utilization Options for Agriculture
  • Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Energy Use in Agricultural Value Chains

Following the technological inputs, this week marks the beginning of the economic sessions of our MOOC. We start with really interesting knowledge on policies and regulations for the Energy-Agriculture Nexus – provided by Alisher Mirzabaev from the Center for Development Research (ZEF), University of Bonn.

This week’s Reader presents an insightful overview on the topic and includes tons of interesting links to videos, websites, articles, and other resources. Make sure to check them out. Just click on any word written LIKE THIS within the Reader’s text and you will be redirected to exciting content. And don’t forget to have a look at this week’s video! It provides you with a consolidated introduction to policies and regulations for the Agriculture-Energy Nexus. Don’t forget the quiz: Try the questions and test your acquired knowledge!

You still have until Wednesday to complete the Peer Review. If you haven’t done so already: Make sure to read and review two of your fellow MOOC-Participants’ submissions of the Assignment here. Don’t forget that you will only receive the Assignment One Badge after we verified that you conducted two Peer-Reviews.

By the way: Our grand “Major Badge Challenge” is still on!
We challenge you to complete all the Quizzes you haven’t taken or completed to earn three major Badges right now! To accept the challenge click on any of the Buttons below, answer the questions …… AND BOOM! The Week Badge is yours!

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Please keep in mind that you can only earn each Badge once and therefore you can only take a Quiz if you have not yet earned the Badge.

We hope you enjoy this week. Rock on!


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  1. Profile photo of Leonard Chitongo

    Week 5 already, how time flies when you are enjoying the classes!

  2. Profile photo of Manasseh B. Shitta

    Great introduction. Looking forward to the exciting learning of RE policies

  3. Profile photo of Raymond Sseguya

    @poweringag does the “Major Badge Challenge” hold if you have already taken all the 4 quizzes?

  4. Profile photo of Innocent Azih

    Talking economic and linkng to technological efficiency is providing complete picture for applicability. I see the connection.

  5. Profile photo of Mr. Anthony Madume

    Yes you are right based on the introduction. We have come thus far. It is also clear from the comments made by the participants that most of us, if not all, have really enjoyed this MOOC. We are learning new stuff, exploring new grounds and lovely it at the same time.

    On my part, I am keen to learn and improve on my knowledge of policy, policy instruments, the role government and their relationships or impact on a nations agriculture sector – whether it thrives and fails. Plus the extent to wish national governments are prepare to embrace new technologies for the growth of their agricultural sector. For the oil rich countries, the question therefore is to what extent are they prepare to be less reliant on oil and diversify to the to agriculture, manufacturing and other struggling sectors which will their overall economic development.

    I must read on!

    Anthony Madume

  6. Profile photo of kwame ofori

    All too soon we would be completing this lovely course.

  7. Profile photo of REVOCATUS VALERY KIMARIO

    The course materials are so rich and really help me much in shaping my project. Thanks to organizer and the very valuable shared materials.

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