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Hi everyone,

Welcome to the Third Course Unit!

I speak for all the Tutors and Organizers when I say that the first two weeks well exceeded what we could possibly have hoped for.

This upcoming week is filled with inspiring collaborations, enriching discussions and challenging project work- let‘s surpass what we have achieved so far! The third unit’s material holds a technical overview on bioenergy resources and technologies, biogas fundamentals, and the many uses of biogas in agricultural value chains. This week’s reader will introduce the process by which methane is generated, the technologies that can be used to generate methane and factors to consider when choosing a technology, and the different ways biogas can be used as an energy source.

What an enriching and truly educational experience so far, good job everyone! Let‘s keep up the good work!

Thank you!


MOOC Week 3:
Bioenergy Resources & Technologies

Miguel Franco, Senior Environmental Specialist and Senior Bioenergy Specialist, provides
an overview on bioenergy resources and technologies. You will get an introduction to biogas
and learn more about biogas technologies in agricultural value chains.


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  1. Profile photo of Abdulkadir Hassan

    Very rich presentation on biogas generation, uses and benefits

  2. Profile photo of Akbikesh Mukhtarova

    All videos are very well-structured and presented! Though topics are complex, experts presenting all the information simply and clearly. Thus, even participants who do not have background in this field can understand the topic and follow the course. Thank you! Well done!

  3. Profile photo of Claire Stam

    Enriching presentation of the many uses of biogas in agriculture. Excellent !

  4. Profile photo of Helen Davies

    Lots and lots of great information! Very interesting.

    I do find the slides go a bit to fast to take notes though!

  5. Profile photo of Amina Maalim

    great, useful and interesting set of information.

  6. Profile photo of Jill Dana Mugisa

    i could watch this video over and over again due to the way it’s packaged, very interesting topic.

  7. Profile photo of Kudakwashe Ndoro

    Very interesting and explained in clear terms for the non-technical

  8. Profile photo of Kiprono Shadrack

    Informative piece on bioenergy and biogas

  9. Profile photo of Folajomi Fawehinmi

    miguel franco is a very methodical and distinguished lecturer – I really enjoyed the presentation

  10. Profile photo of Manuel Alejandro Sánchez Olvera

    Talking about bioenergy, I’ve got to say that here in the capital of San Luis Potosi, Mexico, there is a farm in which the farmers take advantage of the excrement from pigs, then they get it to an anaerobic environment where bacteria discompose the organic material and it’s transformed into methane. This methane is the energy source for an electric generator to cover the farm’s demand of energy.

  11. Profile photo of Ramón Granada

    Good Lecturer!!!!. I only think that is important mention one main aspect about biogas technology, at difference from solar or wind, is that the user play an very important role. If biodigester are not operating properly , or put the loads in the right times, this could die. It’s a live source of energy. Biogas is a wonderful source of renewable energy, but is very sensitive to users.

  12. Profile photo of Pablo A. Weber Cornejo

    Very good presentation. I think that biogas and co-generation are the right way to use this tipe of renewable energy.

  13. Profile photo of Kehinde Stephen Awoyele

    Quite captivating. Properly structured media presentation. very audible and clear accent of presenters

  14. Profile photo of Katherinne Benavides Cortes

    Amazing Teacher explanation, a very playful world video bioenergy Franco .. I am very curious text: O

  15. Profile photo of Alejandro Tirado

    Great video on bioenergy, very descriptive and rich in information.

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