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Case Studies:
Business Models for the Energy-Agriculture Nexus

This week’s special are a range of case studies on business models for energy projects for agricultural value chains. We want you to get insight into real-life projects. Have a look at the 4 case studies and see how you can apply what you’ve learned during this MOOC to implement your own project for the Energy-Agriculture Nexus. Check them out!

case study elaborated by the FAO analyses solar pumps for sustainable irrigation in Bangladesh. Find detailed feasibility analysis as well as financial and economic cost-benefit analysis!

The Reader presents 3 real life examples – take a look in the Reader itself and the following calculations in Excel:




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  1. Profile photo of Dismas Angura Odula

    Material is quite relevant. Real life examples of feasibility studies for gasification power plant, biogas plant and solar drier for drying fried are good proof that RE is the way to go for sustainable development.

  2. Profile photo of Innocent SIMPUNGA

    very nice case studies thanks a lot

  3. Profile photo of Kenneth Amas

    Very practical and the course is almost done :)

  4. Profile photo of Gladis Maritza Calderón Ysmodes

    Very helpful and interesting material, Thank you .

  5. Profile photo of Pravin Kumar Jaisawal

    Any idea how to calculate opportunity cost for land when you use it to install solar PV system?

  6. Profile photo of Samiat Lawal

    Just completed week 7 reader and quiz, it was good. Just gives you an awareness of things to be considered before committing to a business venture.

  7. Profile photo of Karen Rieckmann

    Great, case studies are the best way to understand theoretical input. Thanks for providing a nice combinition of practical and theorectical inout throughout the course.

  8. Profile photo of Leonard Chitongo

    Interesting case studies in the reader which encourage learning by doing. The most relevant for me is the biogas plant on farm which can easily be adopted to most rural communities. The techno-economic case study of the solar pump for irrigation in Bangladesh is quite instructive.

  9. Profile photo of Charles Dakoua Diarra

    Yes a very good case study for solar dryer

  10. Profile photo of Innocent Azih

    The assignment was interestingly tasking fun with team mates. The reading materials and case study resources were very helpful refreshers. Thanks. Worth all the effort.

  11. Profile photo of Manasseh B. Shitta

    Very useful and interesting materials

  12. Profile photo of Fidel Emilio Joao

    Great opportunity for learning from a case study.

  13. Profile photo of Rachel Redman

    This was very clear and to the heart of the matter

  14. Profile photo of Honour Mutambara

    well documented and informative cases

  15. Profile photo of Katherinne Benavides Cortes

    Thank you for teaching case studies, We must learn how to Implement all the knowledge acquired in real life :)

  16. Profile photo of Elliot Faminu

    Very ineteresting and informative reads. I had a project in 2009 on Sola tent dryer as a demonstration to gaari, rice processors in Lagos, Nigeria. It was part of my departments annual activities (Farm Me hanisation sub-component of the Lagos State Agricultural Development Authority), the tent was made from sawn 2×2 wood, transparent nylon coverings and black nylons as the base and covering the adjacent side in other to trap the heat from the sun. We had a 3 layered set of netted trays on which we spread rice paddy or grated gaari granules. This is hygienic, keeps off rodents, bird poop, dust and dries quickly thereby preventing spoilage. Policies of government will give the needed push to RE in the Ag sector, especially in Africa.

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