Assignment Two | Week 7&8

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Assignment Two on Business Models – Due on March 20th!


  1. We created the Team “MOOC HERO’S 5 | Assignment Two“. Take a look and join the group!
  2. We opened a special stream in the Forum where you can message us if you need any assistance in regards to finding a team, having joined the seemingly wrong team or if you need help finding a Team.
  3. You can also reach the Tutors by directing a post to @poweringag or by sending a private message to PoweringAg. We are always happy to help!
    With only 1 week time to finish Assignment Two, the Tutors will have to tend to many people’s inquiries. Therefore, we kindly ask you to plan ahead and to approach with your questions early this week.

If you have a Team – What are the REQUIRED STEPS?

 Please follow the subsequent steps:

  1. Carry out this assignment in a group of about ten people. If you are not in a team yet or if you have problems to find a team, our tutors will help you (see above).
  2. The group leaders will be sent the submission link, and only they have to submit the final document. Please make sure to mention all contributing team member in the documents!
  3. In addition to submitting your team-assignment, reading of and commenting on two of your peer’s submissions is obligatory in order to earn the ‘Assignment 2 Badges’ – the period for peer reviewing is from March 20th to 25th. We will update you on this on time.

After you submitted and the peer review is ongoing, work is to be done on our end:

  1. Afterwards, the course instructor will review your report and evaluate it for its eligibility to obtain the Badge.’
  2. Also, the instructor will upload a summarized common feedback to this assignment, addressing the relevant issues observed in different group reports.
  3. The Assignment 2 Badges will be awarded to the participants

Please note that the last day to upload this Assignment is the 20th of March.
Please note that the last day to complete the Peer Review is the 25th of March.

And don’t forget: Have fun with the Assigment 2! We look forward to your submissions!

Best regards,
Your PoweringAg MOOC Team



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  1. Profile photo of Mr. Anthony Madume

    Yes, I agree with you, in the midst of various work schedules, and some cases power and internet difficulties. However, it is the reason why we are learning – not only the academic theories, but be equipped to tackle challenges or difficulties we face in achieving our targets and goals either at work or in life. We shall not give up now!

    We shall overcome this MOOC. Let’s team up well to crack Assignment 2.


    Anthony Madume

  2. Profile photo of Gladis Maritza Calderón Ysmodes

    With positive energies anything is possible. look forward and develops the assigment two to complete successfully this course!!!

    Best Regards

  3. Profile photo of Sonya Hossain Firoz

    How will the team leaders get the link? It’s not clear how the team leader will be identified.

  4. Profile photo of Innocent SIMPUNGA

    Let us continue our assignment for deeper learning
    thanks a lot

  5. Profile photo of RONALD MARUMBI

    The assignment will give us an opportunity to test our knowledge; giving us confidence to apply course knowledge in real life situations

  6. Profile photo of Jamie Krovontka

    This assignment is really detailed and requires a lot of information an average person wouldn’t have, such as costs for CAPEX and OPEX….

  7. Profile photo of Pravin Kumar Jaisawal

    yes, I agree. It will be very difficult to collect various information

  8. Profile photo of Rebecca Milczarek

    The Week 7 case studies (especially the spreadsheet files) are very helpful for Assignment 2!

  9. Profile photo of Elijah Mutungi

    The additional materials are good.

  10. Profile photo of Innocent Azih

    This is practical. It could be tough but doable.

  11. Profile photo of Karen Rieckmann

    It is a good exercise and chance to build on Assignment ONE, hence Teams can build up on obtained knowledge and deppen it respectively.

  12. Profile photo of Kenneth Amas

    Team work does make the assignment easier..Thanks once again for the dedicated Support & Input..Cheers!

  13. Profile photo of Abdiaziz Ahmed

    Very Important Material and helpful Case studies thanks dear Mooc team

  14. Profile photo of Sogo Mayokun Abolarin

    The knowledge gathered in both assignment 1 and 2 has been so enriching. Kudos to all the coordinators and participants of this MOOC, it has been great learning from you all. God bless you all.

  15. Profile photo of Joseph Kirule

    The assignment is so practical. Any attempt to complete it will not leave you the same.

  16. Profile photo of Manasseh B. Shitta

    Yea this could make one to become a financial modeller

  17. Profile photo of Victor K. Noubibou

    Let’s team up and and finish this assignment 2

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