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    It was great participating in the MOOC. Very educative

  2. Profile photo of Innocent SIMPUNGA

    All topics are very informative, I learn a lot,

  3. Profile photo of Efstathios Vaitsos

    Well organized MOOC. I also have learned a lot about the energy in the agriculture sector .

  4. Profile photo of Gladis Maritza Calderón Ysmodes

    Excellent Organization, it was great to participating in the MOOC , all Topics were interesting, i am Happy to Improve my knowlede jn the Massive Open Online Course 2016 Powering Agriculture Sustanaible Energy for food

  5. Profile photo of Tala KHRAIS

    Thank you for the well developed Massive Open Online Course on the importance of renewable energy in agriculture and its current resources and technologies. It was informative and enlightening.

  6. Profile photo of Nyambe mununka

    The quiz was a good samMary to the course.I have learnt so much

  7. Profile photo of ARIDEEP HALDER

    Hope to participate in such initiatives in future

  8. Profile photo of Adekunle Abdul

    I will do this again! No regrets! Great Team! Nice Experience! Well done.

  9. Profile photo of Sarah M. Edelman

    Will the checklist be added before the class ends?

  10. Profile photo of Salwa Bouadila

    Thank you for the well developed Massive Open Online Course.

  11. Profile photo of RONALD MARUMBI

    A very interesting course, I really appreciate knowledge and skills gained

  12. Profile photo of Katherinne Benavides Cortes

    Thank you very much for this valuable resources, and especially for giving us the tools necessary to implement what has been learned.

  13. Profile photo of Sarah M. Edelman

    I LOVE the available resources and all of the provided information. THANK YOU for this checklist!

  14. Profile photo of Sibel Raquel Ersoy

    Thank you dear MOOC-Team! This course was a great experience!!!

  15. Profile photo of Elliot Faminu

    The checklist is definitely going to be useful in establishing direct contact. Thank you.

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