Additional Material | Week 7

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You watched the Video? You read this Week’s Chapter? But you are still searching for more?
Check out this week’s additional resources and learn from the best! Let yourself be guided by some of the best within our field and feel the inspiration while you dive even deeper into this course and a proactive future.

Business Models

Energypedia. 2015. Financing and Funding Portal. [Online] available here.

Tietze, U. and Villareal, L. V.. 2003. Microfinance in Fisheries and Aquaculture – Guidelines and Case Studies FAO Fisheries Technical Paper 440. FAO, Rome, Italy. [Online] available here.

FAO. 2005. Microfinance and forest-based small-scale enterprises. Forestry Paper 146. FAO, Rome, Italy. [Online] available here.

Osterwalder, A. 2010. What is a Business Model? [Online] available here.

Morris, L., Winiecki, J., Chowdhary, S., Cortiglia, K.. 2007. Using Microfinance to Expand Access to Energy Services: Summary of Findings. The SEEP Network, Washington DC, USA. [Online] available here.

Wiley, J. & Sons, Inc. 2016. Defining Your Business Model. [Online] available here.

Clean Energy Projects in the Agricultural Value Chains

CTA Virtuale Resource Center. 2007. CTA Practical Guide Series. Post-harvesting technology and processing . Food and feed processing and technology. [Online] available here.

Energypedia. 2015. Business Plan for Solar Processing of Tomatoes. [Online] available here.

Energypedia. 2015. Costs of a Biogas Plant. [Online] available here.

Energypedia. 2016. Biogas Portal. [Online] available here.

Kossmann, W., Pönitz, U., Habermehl, S., Hörz, T., Krämer, P., Klingler, B., Kellner, C., Wittur, T., von Klopotek, F., Krieg, A., Euler, H..1999. Biogas Digest (Volume III) – Costs and Benefits and Programme Implementation. GTZ, Eschborn, Germany. [Online] available here.

Teach a Man to Fish. 2010. Dried Fruit. [Online] available here.


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  1. Profile photo of Dismas Angura Odula

    Quite impressed by Cost-benefit analysis of Biogas plants as explained in the reference ”Biogas Digest (Volume III) – Costs and Benefits and Programme Implementation”. Material is reasonably enough to me get started with biogas technology. The approach is quite simplied and concepts demystified.

  2. Profile photo of Akbikesh Mukhtarova

    Thank you so much, so many of interesting and useful additional readings!

  3. Profile photo of Mr. Anthony Madume

    Again very helpful and useful additional reading materials, plus sources of funding which some of us will surely utilise. A very BiG thank you. Hopefully, my and I will find strike gold for our much needed financial support for our agricultural project initiatives in PortHarcourt, Nigeria.

    Frankly, we would appreciate further exposure to some organisations that support creative and innovative projects eg agriculture, power, use of sustainable energy technologies etc in Nigeria.

    Anthony Madume

  4. Profile photo of Hudu  Banikoi

    Just hope these will be available after the course!!

  5. Profile photo of Innocent Azih

    Very rich catalog of highly educative and informing resourceful materials. This is a practitioner manual compendium

  6. Profile photo of Savannah Miles

    Some really good references and additional reading here. I am definitely making use of the Energypedia as well!

  7. Profile photo of Ehi Eboigbe

    Teach a man to fish is an interesting piece.

  8. Profile photo of Nicole Oldacre Algio

    nice list of references. How do you get this kind of knowledge down to the farmer(s)? And a farmer who only cares about his crop might not understand the language. I find as is often the case with this type of knowledge, that it makes sense to people who work in government or aid organizations (top down) but is harder to implement with scale from a bottom up approach. The farmer might not have the bandwidth to start thinking of doing things differently and this does not even touch on the issue if finance. Agreeing to implement change is one thing, access to finance is a whole new ballgame.

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