Additional Material | Week 5

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You watched all the Videos? You read this Week’s Chapter? You are even about to master the Assignment?!? But you are still searching for more?
Check out this week’s additional resources and learn from the best! Let yourself be guided by some of the best within our field and feel the inspiration while you dive even deeper into this course and a proactive future.

Azuela, G. E., and Barroso, L. A. (2012). Design and performance of policy instruments to promote the development of renewable energy: emerging experience in selected developing countries. World Bank Publications, Washington, USA

Best, S. (2014). Growing power: Exploring energy needs in smallholder agriculture. IIED Discussion Paper, IIED, London.

GIZ (2012). Legal Frameworks for Renewable Energy. Policy Analysis for 15 Developing and Emerging Countries. Bonn/Eschborn, Germany (Chapter 2)

Jacob K, Quitzow R and Bar H (2015). Green Jobs: Impacts of a Green Economy on Employment. GIZ, Eschborn-Bonn, Germany

IEA (2015). World Energy Outlook 2015. International Energy Agency. Paris, France.

IRENA (2016) Renewable Energy Benefits: Measuring the Economics. The International Renewable Energy Agency, Masdar, Abu Dhabi.

Mirzabaev, A., Guta, D., Goedecke, J., Gaur, V., Börner, J., Virchow, D., Denich, M.  and von Braun, J.. 2014. Bioenergy, Food Security and Poverty Reduction: Mitigating Tradeoffs and Promoting Synergies Along the Water-Energy-Food Security Nexus. ZEF Working Paper Series (135). Bonn, Germany.

Virchow, D., Beuchelt T., Denich, M., Loos T, Hoppe M, Kuhn, A., (2014). The value web approach – so that the South can also benefit from the bioeconomy. Rural 41, Vol. 49 Nr. 4


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    The green jobs material did it for me

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    Loads of additional reading material!

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    additional materials are very relevant, thanks a lot

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    Interesting green additional materials
    Thank you!!!

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    The additional materials are very helpful thanks

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    This week’s reader brings the very essential ingredients of Policy and regulatory frame dimension, financing option possibilities and the role of Governments and development partners is the realization of a sustainable Agricultural energy nexus.

    I enjoyed reading every bit of the notes. thank you

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    Some of the material are relevant to the topic while some are good for further information

  8. Profile photo of Innocent Azih

    This rich array of high content materials are good for updating knowledge ad information on upgrading schemes in power-agriculture environment. It is a collection of easily accessible works on policy-economics and investment environment determinants

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    Good additional notes for deeper understanding

  10. Profile photo of RONALD MARUMBI

    Interesting examples from other regions which can be applied elsewhere

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    Enjoyed exploring national profiles

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    Sad the IEA world energy outlook has such a high cost !!

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