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    I read on the script “significant barriers exist that hinder the integration of clean energy technology in agriculture development” – what are the barriers?

    • Nice one Sibel. I think I will have to read it too so I can be able to know the barriers but am of the opinion that the barriers maybe localized as the ones mostly seen in Sub Saharan part of Africa. I will go through it and give you more replies.

    • Some of the barriers that I am encountering are: cost of acquiring clean energy (solar and biomass), lack of ready to go systems ( I am trying to source a solar powered centre pivot system but I have to get the pivot first and then get the solar components and then hire an electrician to put it together), lack of government support ( there are no incentives despite the fact that most countries in SSA have an energy deficit). For me these are the barriers but these exist only to be overcome because the alternative option of carrying on as we are is frightening.

    • Sibel, I think barriers can be lack of equipment, for example solar panels. In some countries they have to import them at a high cost. Besides, lack of knowledge in the use of renewable energy. The know how is very important. I feel also lack of policies in the public and private sectors all contribute to slow progress in implementing renewable energy.

    • Short-term investment in clean energy technology seems to be high

      • Thank you guys for sharing your opinion. I also think that investment can be the first solution. But then I ask: Who should invest; who should be responsible for the investment and finance?

    • I think that one of the main initial barrier with renewable energy technologies is the high upfront cost. Due to the fact that many renewable energy technologies are not yet mass produced the equipment prices can be quite high (although this is improving with time). However it should be remembered that while renewable technologies might have a higher upfront cost when compared to traditional technologies, they usually do not depend on costly fuel (such as oil or gas) and therefore often have a very good payback time. Therefore the mian challenge is to finance the equipment cost.