• Nivedita Pande posted an update 4 years, 4 months ago

    Hello everyone,
    I’m an Environmental Data Professional working in Hamburg, Germany. This is a relatively new field for me as my main background is in Geology/Hydrogeology. I’m originally from India. Agriculture is the backbone of Indian economy and sustainable energy and farming are a winning combination, providing farmers with a long-term source of income. This sparked my interested in the field. I’m looking forward to the course and to interacting with you all while exploring the field of sustainable energy for agriculture.

    • Hello Nivedita,
      we are very happy to have you. Thank you for taking the time to write about your professional background. Your skill set is a valuable addition to the course!
      Please consider filling out your personal profile – It helps other participants, especially the ones that share your interests to find you. It’s great for networking and facilitates a productive team building process. Welcome to the PAEGC Community Nivedita!

    • Welcome Pande. Am a student of Geology at the University of Nigeria. Nice to have you here as I hope to learn a lot from you.

    • Nivedita Pande. I am a student at Uganda Martyrs University persuing a Bachelor’s of Agriculture. a very glad to meet you on this course