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    How can we arrest the problem of Sub Saharan Africa which is endowed with wonderful Agricultural resources but still lack the Energy aspect of tapping off the resources. What and What can we do as well as how can we connect the both which is Agricultural production with rich and clean energy usage.

    • Education is the major tool to acquire the above mentioned,lets embrace education.thanks

    • The ‘Will’ another way to solve this problem. Many organizations and countries have the resources and funds to get things happen. However, they don’t have the will towards implementation of renewable energy projects.
      There is a need to change and refocus on the reality of energy access for more food production

    • I believe that policy changes which encourage the use of renewable energy technologies and make them economically viable for small farmers in the Sub-Saharan region would be helpful. Does anyone know of specific examples where this is being done already?

      • It will be very difficult to cite examples in Sub Saharan Africa where this has already started as am very sure that it is no where to be found in my country Nigeria. What we need is to see how to start it off.