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    • Welcome Natalie

      • Nice to meet you Chimaobi

        • Thanks Natalie. Am from Nigeria how about you

          • I am from Germany. I saw you are student of Geology. What are your interests or your goals after you finalized?

            • Actually I want to specialize on Energy because that’s what my country really needs now. I want to build my self very well on that so that I can be productive in the field of energy. Where do you specialize on?

            • I am rather a generalist than a specialist. My first interest was dairy production both cows but also dairy products incl. marketing. I had to move several times for family reasons so I came to very different topics like diversified pigglet production, adult education, sales/marketing of agricultural seeds, GLP (just for the field part) and today organisation of agricultural study group tours for incoming to Germany and surrounding European countries. Here it helps very much to have insight in various agricultural topics also sustainable energy production which is very strong in our region. For Germany we had at the beginning of 2015 about 33% incl wind power.

    • Wow!!!you are very versatile Natalie. Please inform me of any opportunity to improve myself just like you.

      • It is difficult to find a shape or system for it. It is rather a chain of necessities and opportunities. And believe me I did not plan too much. In most cases I was just trying to find a job in a particular situation. I was trying to give a dicission a sense in respects of logical follow-up to what I did earlier before. This did not always work but my studies and also the parctical work e.g. on farms gave me a good base to built on. After a few decades I discovered that (nearly) all I have been working on paints one whole picture. This is width but not necessarily depth. And for this I had many starts at low or medium levels which means no big career incomewise. For you it is important what you hope to reach in your life, what are your important goals and what is the best way to get there.