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  1. Profile photo of Leonard Chitongo

    The beginning of the end of the course. It has been quite interesting. I hope we can all keep the conversation going!

  2. Profile photo of Sogo Mayokun Abolarin

    Started well and completed well. I have learn’t a lot from this course.

  3. Profile photo of REVOCATUS VALERY KIMARIO

    What a milestone, I have completed the course but mark it as a beginning of the end of course, The provided material are are very valuable. Thanks to the team and organizers!!

  4. Profile photo of Lucy Wanjiku

    I cant believe i is already week 8….it has been quite an experience

  5. Profile photo of Innocent SIMPUNGA

    Reading material are very useful, the quiz help us to review all weeks thanks a lot

  6. Profile photo of Claudia Johanna Raschke

    These past 8 weeks have been truly very interesting and inspiring! I really hope the will be a follow-up MOOC building on the learnings of this MOOC.

  7. Profile photo of Raymond Sseguya

    Within this MOOC, I even got new key contacts!! I learnt about better technology than what my company has got!

  8. Profile photo of RONALD MARUMBI

    this was an exceptionally organized course; interesting throughout

  9. Profile photo of Michael Gbenro-Dada

    Have learned a lot the final exam are brains refreshing of previous quiz grateful for being part of mooc

  10. Profile photo of Obiakor Ikechukwu Benjamin

    To say I’ve learnt a lot of new stuff is an understatement. The learning experience is another feather in my cap of experience and I hope to translate same to a better farming experience for myself and those around me. Thank you

  11. Profile photo of Ngombo Kalimbwe

    What an interesting course it has been, let us keep sharing knowledge.

  12. Profile photo of Sonya Hossain Firoz

    It was a great learning experience. Looking forward to completing the course successfully.

  13. Profile photo of Chimaobi Nna

    Thanks to MOOC. it was really a great experience

  14. Profile photo of Timo Maassen

    Week 8 final week looking forward mates

  15. Profile photo of Jennifer Phoa-Sun

    @powerag, is it possible that in the reader8 only the reading material from 1 to 7 is merged, excluding reading material for lesson 8?

  16. Profile photo of Hans Balyamujura

    I have enjoyed the course. I have also gained a number of applications, so the course will remain relevant in my work. Great course!

  17. Profile photo of Hadijah Nantambi Ssekyondwa

    What a great learning experience? Thank you MOOC organizers.

  18. Profile photo of Chelimo Ketter Naomi

    I encourage everyone to reach to the finish line.

  19. Profile photo of Johanna Huth

    I hope there are coming more MOOCs, I really enjoyed participating and learning during this 8 weeks!

  20. Profile photo of Bukola Oyebanji

    Wao! It is over has been an interesting time. It looked so long when we started. I have benefited tremendously. Thanks to the organizers, team mates and God. Looking forward to another MOOC course

  21. Profile photo of Ifedayo Adeoba

    Many thanks to the organizers. It has been very interesting and informative.

  22. Profile photo of Mabasa Kamoyo

    The Final Exam was a good summary of all the practical and theoretical course material we have learnt throughout the course form week 1 to Week 7. It refreshed my mind and I enjoyed every question in the exam. Now waiting for the Assignment badge and the certificate

  23. Profile photo of Mabasa Kamoyo

    The organisation of the course, course structure and study material was superb, keep the good work up Team MOOC, hope we will have another MOOC in energy soon

  24. Profile photo of Mabasa Kamoyo

    The course was well thought of, I am very happy to completed the course and my next goal is to try and put what we have learnt into reality, the assignments were a brain opener.

  25. Profile photo of Obiakor Ikechukwu Benjamin

    This is a well thought out training. Thank you for this. I hope the facilitators can be reached (or the forum) when one needs guidance to deploy renewable energy in my locality?

  26. Profile photo of Mr. Anthony Madume

    At last, we are in Week 8. Just as the saying goes, every good thing has an end.

    I seize this opportunity to thank the Tutors and/or organisers of this MOOC for their dedication, commitment and ability to co-ordinate this course to the end. I recognise that it has not easy putting on a course of this nature and to co-ordinate and supervise it to the Week 8, particularly taking cognisance of the very large of participants.

    I personally thank you all for doing a great job. Plus, it is my please to extend my heartfelt greetings to my fantastic team West Africa colleagues who overcame challenges by working together on the assignments 1 and 2. Well done. I must not forget other friends I made along the way in course of my contributions on the MOOC platform(s).

    Finally, it has not been easy coming thus far in the midst of our schedules. I believe we have done our best and learned a lot from this course.

    I hope to meet you guys again someday, and please don’t fail to say Hello.

    Anthony Madume

  27. Profile photo of Rebecca Milczarek

    Congratulations to all who contributed to this course, both the organizers and the students! It was a pleasure to learn a few new things and connect with other learners across the globe.

  28. Profile photo of Folajomi Fawehinmi

    It has been a pleasure to take part in this course!

  29. Profile photo of Vegaswarasti Kumala

    It has been a great online course! Thank you, MOOC! :)

  30. Profile photo of Innocent SIMPUNGA

    The survey was very informative , thanks a lot for the organizers and contributors

  31. Profile photo of Chokri Aslouj

    Danke, Thank you, merci, tack, شكرا
    for everybody who made this great experience possible, I hope this initiative will go on and I’ll be glad to participate on every new activity in this framework

  32. Profile photo of Oyeboade Makinde

    Hello, guys.

    Does commenting on 2 assignments suffice as Peer Review or are we to submit our reviews elsewhere?

    Thanks in anticipation.

  33. Profile photo of Ibnu Budiman

    Finally, last week in the last weekday

  34. Profile photo of Saskia Haaf

    This was a great experience. I´m happy I participated.

  35. Profile photo of Innocent Azih

    Honestly, I enjoyed this course as it lasted. I started slow but I think that the professional value increased as the application usefulness and huge attendant reference resources accumulated. I wish to appreciate the hosts and instructors of this course. I am glad I joined this class and finished the course.
    Thank you very much.

  36. Profile photo of Alethia Barrett

    It has been an excellent learning experience. Thanks to all who contributed.

  37. Profile photo of LUIS SALOMON

    Excellent course, well organized, with good videos, readings and extra information. good opportunity for networking.
    Thanks a lot.

  38. Profile photo of Abdinasir Sadik Mukhtar

    After I hit the final exam finish button, I was near tears to shed, because during this course I was ON but from now on I feel lonely OFF. Please let our connection go and go forever. I love all of you.

  39. Profile photo of Sapekshya Varshney

    This course has given me a lot of knowledge! Very informative videos and readers!

  40. Profile photo of Mr. Anthony Madume

    No doubt this MOOC has been truly informative, insightful and refreshing all through. It has been a learning curve, and one that I will never forget.

    It is also fair to say that we (participants) have all enjoyed the learning journey this MOOC has provided. Who knows, one day, one of us will set up a project in our country that utilises the knowledge gain in the Energy-Agricultural Nexus.

    Anthony Madume

  41. Profile photo of Ronald Ochieng Mwanga

    Final week. Been an interesting course.

  42. Profile photo of arshpreet kalsi

    I cant believe how quickly the past few weeks went by!
    Such an amazing learning opportunity!

    Cheers to the Organizers and all my peers:)

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