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  1. Profile photo of Joseph Kirule

    This is going to be a power packed week. Lets go…

  2. Profile photo of Jacqueline K. Boltz

    Time flies! Lots to do this week. I’m looking forward to working on the assignment and bringing what I’ve learned throughout the course to the final exam.

  3. Profile photo of Lovette Duke

    the tough gets going…………….
    week 7 here we go

  4. Profile photo of Clifton Makate

    Motivation high as we come closer to the very end…

  5. Profile photo of DJOUSSE Boris Merlain

    Thanks for the introduction, hope to find more details in lectures

  6. Profile photo of Hillary Allison Cirka

    Will there be additional material for week 8?

  7. Profile photo of Nqabayezwe Moyo

    I am ready to power agriculture!!! I can see the light!!

  8. Profile photo of Kenneth Amas

    exciting and learning weeks passed too quick. Application now follows…

  9. Profile photo of Tony Rawlins

    Missed assignment one but I’m ready for assignment two

  10. Profile photo of Nyambe mununka

    the knowledge I have gotten so far from this course has taught me a lot. Agriculture is very important to our lives and we need to apply the concept to the our real life situation.

  11. Profile photo of Dr. Joseph Walusimbi

    Started off rusty, now feeling a guru!

  12. Profile photo of Ngombo Kalimbwe

    Well!!! this is so rich and helpful, another busy week.

  13. Profile photo of Elijah Mutungi

    A useful case study on solar pumping systems

  14. Profile photo of Daniel Gahleitner

    Great material this week with lots of case studies and example business case analysis!!

  15. Profile photo of RONALD MARUMBI

    Great course indeed; learning a lot and ready to apply gained knowldge

  16. Profile photo of Emma Emeozor

    Week 7: ‘Business Models for Projects in the Energy-Agriculture Nexus’ lecture addressed the issue of finance which is crucial to the success of any business. In my part of the world, banks and microfinance institutions are not willing to give loans for projects on renewable energy for several reasons. They are not too convinced that such projects are viable. Some of the projects have been poorly packaged and handled and therefore without encouraging results … perhaps, due to poor technical know-how.

    • Profile photo of Rejoice Lunga

      Hi Emma. i think its true that generally financial institutions are not willing to offer financing solutions for renewable energy projects. From my experience in Zimbabwe most micro financial institutions are willing to pilot funding these developing communities provided there the is a good case like productive use. Any borrower really wants some form of guarantee that their money will be paid back, and expected revenues from the project is one guarantee. i think it would be good if we assist these developing communities on how to package their business proposals in a way that attract financiers.

  17. Profile photo of Sarah Eisinger

    Busy week! Looking forward to the assignment

  18. Profile photo of Olusegun Laiyenfe

    Better off now than when we commenced the course. Great course indeed!

  19. Profile photo of Hadijah Nantambi Ssekyondwa

    Am ready to improve my project to become energy smart.

    Thank you MOOC organizers

  20. Profile photo of Rebecca Milczarek

    Almost done! This course went by quickly.

  21. Profile photo of Victoria Solbert

    A good overview of the basic business principles involved with employing renewable energy. Good practical place to start!

  22. Profile photo of John Mwibanda Wesonga

    Just hours to Assignment 2 deadline. If interested “Team Tropical Greenhouse” is open. Join and make a contribution.

  23. Profile photo of Mr. Anthony Madume

    Thanks for the illuminating case studies based on the variety of agricultural projects.

    I have surely learned a great deal in this MOOC that I can now apply in Nigeria

    Anthony Madume

  24. Profile photo of Sogo Mayokun Abolarin

    The course has been so good, well organised.

  25. Profile photo of Innocent SIMPUNGA

    the document for The whole 7 weeks are very useful to my side, once again thanks a lot

  26. Profile photo of Manuel Palm

    This course is a very good introduction to different subjects (agriculture, energy and project evaluation) and have kept the focus.

    The interaction with people worldwide and to read about their opinions and experiences it has been revealing.

  27. Profile photo of Hudu  Banikoi

    It has been a great learning experience!

  28. Profile photo of Mr. Anthony Madume

    Hi Jenish,

    I have just read your brief mail. I am sure whether it is a question or a statement. However, I thought I should help you by providing you and answer or direction on what to do.

    1) Do you belong to a TEAM?

    2) if so, your team leader was sent a submission link which he/she has to use.

    3) The leader should ‘GO’ to ‘doc menu’ then look at the right hand side, you’ll find a drop drown where you’ll find the various documents which may include the specific document you
    wish to submit.
    4) When you have done so, you’ll see the word ‘Pending’. Don’t panic.
    5) Then you’ll see the said attachment.
    6) Ultimately, once you have done so, it is done successfully.

    Good luck,

    Anthony Madume

  29. Profile photo of Olanrewaju Awosanya

    So far, it has really been worth the effort. Many thanks to the organizers. Nice content for week 7

  30. Profile photo of Chokri Aslouj

    I’m wondering if anything is planned after the MOOC, this is useful project should not vanish once the MOOC is over

  31. Profile photo of Asaah Ndambi

    Very resourceful course. One week to go!

  32. Profile photo of Rejoice Lunga

    This course has been very informative particularly because l am currently working on a project promoting energy access through the use of solar. We are also supposed to develop business models that will promote PPP in Energy sector and its still work in progress. Some models are coming up slowly but l am happy what we learnt on this course will help in achievement of the project objectives

  33. Profile photo of Ian Cole

    enjoy this week additional link! feeling greatful…

  34. Profile photo of Johanna Huth

    Thank you Organisators for this very informative course!

  35. Profile photo of Ifedayo Adeoba

    I enjoyed this week’s course…and the quiz gives a good recap

  36. Profile photo of SAMUEL G. LADEJOLA-OGINNI

    I have successfully completed all my Quiz….Quiz 7… The administrator marked my Quiz 7 as done but I was not marked on the course page

  37. Profile photo of Ibnu Budiman

    I am about to finish this week and the next one today, it is getting excited

  38. Profile photo of Elliot Faminu

    Yipee! Am here…its week 7. I had a hard time keeping up, wow, what a ray of light.

  39. Profile photo of Laura Hillmann

    Week 7: really good idea to add case studies to the material!

  40. Profile photo of Sapekshya Varshney

    Very difficult managing work and studies, but i finally managed to reach to the end.

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