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  1. Profile photo of Sogo Mayokun Abolarin

    Welcome to week 6. This course is very interesting

  2. Profile photo of Nawa Sililo

    Weeks run fast, but the knowledge I am getting is for life. I am now thinking a lot on how to educate others on the same. Thumps up to the organisers!

  3. Profile photo of Rachel Redman

    Gn questions weren’t that bad 3 an 6 tease me abit to be honest I guest 10 but they made it easy cause next week is the one to look out for

  4. Profile photo of Abdulmutalib Yussuff

    Happy to complete this fantastic module!

  5. Profile photo of Vera Overrödder

    Just two weeks left over- let´s make the most of it!

  6. Profile photo of kwame ofori

    Two weeks more to go .Lets finish hard.

  7. Profile photo of Martins Oche Aba

    This week 6 is very important, because it has to do with the finance. I believe I will learn a whole lot

  8. Profile photo of Dilip Goolab Morar

    Getting financially intensive and also mathematically confusing. Also could not access IFAD 2015 publication.

  9. Profile photo of Mabasa Kamoyo

    The content of week 6 really inspired and gave me an broad insight of the financial, economic and social considerations of renewable technology farming. Waiting to tackle week seven stuff

  10. Profile photo of Davide Fiedler

    Week 6, page 10, table 1 says corporates have medium capital availability, while small businesses have medium to good capital availability. Shouldn’t corporates actually have good or even very good capital availability??

  11. Profile photo of Jacqueline K. Boltz

    Interesting to learn about the different barriers to consider at different scales.

  12. Profile photo of Chimaobi Nna

    This course is so enlightening. Kudos to the organisers and the supporting organisations

  13. Profile photo of Joseph Akinpelu

    I am welcoming myself to week six just finished week 5 it is really challenging with limited power in Nigeria

  14. Profile photo of Cristina Mergner

    The course structure is really motivating. I am really enjoying the course!

  15. Profile photo of Olatunde Isiolaotan

    @poweringag how do i get involved with the 2nd assignment? I missed the first one.

  16. Profile photo of Friedrich zur Heide

    The FAO Nexus rapid appraisal tool is a very simplistic tool to view externalities but does not sufficiently account for the inter-dependencies between resource consumption options and potential feedback loops. It is too complex to be rapidly assessed and illustrated in a spider diagram.

  17. Profile photo of Chokri Aslouj

    This week 6 course gave me the opportunity to learn many aspects, that an engineer, like myself doesn’t deal with normaly. Thank you very much

  18. Profile photo of Ngombo Kalimbwe

    So informative, this week is really rich.

  19. Profile photo of Asaah Ndambi

    Things get more and more interesting

  20. Profile photo of Yohannes Mekonnen

    Good way of learning, It is getting interesting everyday…

  21. Profile photo of Judith Ephraim

    This is really good information for a free course

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