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  1. Profile photo of Arthur Karomba

    Hi, Thank you for letting me join this interested course. I started today by following the introduction materials. At the end I noticed that we are supposed to do a quiz, but I was not able to access that quiz.. will you be able to help on that problem? Thanks!

  2. Profile photo of PoweringAg

    Hi Arthur,
    you can find the Quiz on the very bottom of the page for Week 1.
    However, in order to be able to start the Quiz you will have to mark the following sections of Week 1 as complete:
    - Introduction | Week 1
    - Videos | Week 1
    - Reader 1 | Week 1
    - Additional Material | Week 1
    This is how you can mark a section as complete: On the bottom of each page you have to click on the button “mark complete”. You will have to repeat this for all the sections named above. Please let us know if problem persists. Enjoy!

    Jan Heinrich

  3. Profile photo of CHIBIKOM RICHARD NGWA

    Hi. Thanks for this enriching course. I applied to belong to a team, That is the “west African team” and untill now has not gotten any respond. Please what can i do? For how long should i wait? Thanks
    Chibikom Richard

  4. Profile photo of arshpreet kalsi

    The course is amazing!
    However, I have trouble earning my week 2 badge.
    I have attempted the Quiz as well as gone through all the reading material.
    I am still working in assignment 1 with my team.
    Is this the reason that I could not earn my week 2 badge? (week 2 is not showing the green tick mark and week 3 has begun already!)
    What can I do?
    Can I begin week 3 without submitting the assignment 1?
    Thank you!

  5. Profile photo of Debele Debela

    I have tried to do quiz 3. For the questions of gap filling incorrect was give to me despite of correct answer, which i proved from the correction given. Please assist me.

    • Profile photo of Dilip Goolab Morar

      Hi Debele
      I had the same problem with quiz 3 . The first fill in answer , question 2 , only requires one answer and not all three. Question 11 requires two answers and the problem has been sorted out . Question 13 also has been adjusted and hopefully the answers will be marked correctly . Best of luck. Dilip

  6. Profile photo of Paul Kuria  njogu

    Am looking for week five work but can’t find it. any help?

  7. Profile photo of Rachel Redman

    Access to the assignment is given me trouble can u help this course is the first time really using a computer a the than playing games

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