Badge Overview

Please note: The MOOC ran from Feb 1st to Mar 27th, 2016. The materials will stay online.

You can still earn Badges – the MOOC Certificate, however, cannot be earned anymore, the deadlines passed. If you have futher questions please contact us at

This course featured a set of different badges. Each Badge reflected and honored the participants’ activity and progress throughout the Powering Agriculture MOOC. They could earn ‘Week Badges’, ‘Community Badges’, ‘Assignment Badges’ and one ‘Final Exam Badge’. Some of these are considered ‘Major Badges’, and are required for the ‘MOOC Badge‘. Once you’ve earned the ‘MOOC Badge’ you will receive a ‘Course Certificate’ signed by the TH Köln and the PoweringAg Partners. For in depth information on all Badges please see the graph and the list below.

Badge System PoweringAg MOOC Graph
Badge Overview
What is a digital badge?
Digital Badges are a digital proof that you have earned a certain achievement, e.g. successfully completed this MOOC. Unlike a simple PDF document which can be copied, modified and falsificated, digital badges contain the proof of the badge issuer that the badge was actually awarded to you. You can then show your badges to others on sites such as Credly and Mozilla Open Backpack. The badges there are automatically link back to the site of the badge issuer (in this case the partners of PAEGC alongside the TH Köln), that show the proof that you have earned the badge. See it as a digital form of a stamp or a seal on a paper certificate.

The Course BadgeMOOC Badge
Please note
: the Course Badge or MOOC Badge cannot be earned anymore since the Deadlines passed by the end of March, 2016. 

The Powering Agriculture “Course Badge” is a real digital badge issued by PAEGC, its partners and the TH Köln. You can earn the MOOC Course-Badge by collecting at least 10 “Major-Badges”. You will need at least one “Assignment-Badge”, one “Community-Badge”, the “Final-Exam-Badge” and seven of the “Week-Badges”. With the MOOC Course-Badge you will receive the ‘Course Certificate’.

For detailed information on the Course Badge and the prerequisites for earning it please, check out the Badge Overview Graph below or click here.

Major BadgesFinal Exam Badge
There are twelve major badges to be earned in this course: 7 Week Badges, 2 Assignment Badges, 2 Community Badges and one Final Exam Badge.

For detailed information on all the individual Major Badges and the prerequisites for earning them please refer to the list below.

Week BadgesWeek 1 Badge
Any of the Week Badges as well as the Final Exam Badge can be earned by scoring 80% or more in that week’s Quiz. It is recommended to complete all passive tasks, such as reading the weekly script and watching the lecture videos, prior to taking on the weekly quiz. Studying the provided material is essential for a successful completion of this course.

For detailed information on all Week Badges and the prerequisites for earning them, please click here or refer to the graph below.

Final Exam BadgeFinal Exam Badge
The Final Exam Badge reflects your passing of the Final Exam in this course. You will receive the Final Exam Badge for scoring at least 80% in the Final Quiz – which is more exhaustive than the weekly Quizzes and encompasses contents of all previous weeks.

For detailed information on the Final Exam Badge, please click here or refer to the graph below.

Assignment BadgesAssignment Badge
Assignment Badges can be earned both in Week 2 and in Week 7. In addition to submitting your assignment, reviewing two of your peer’s submissions is obligatory in order to earn either one of the two Assignment Badges. The expert tutors from TH Köln will read and approve all assignments and will provide aggregated feedback shortly after the deadline for the peer review.

For detailed information on the Assignment Badges, please click here or check out to the graph below.

Community BadgesTeam Player Badge
You will receive community badges for engaging with the MOOC community. There are two types of community badges: Interaction Badges and Major Community Badges. Interaction Badges can be earned by engaging with the MOOC community in different ways. For more information on what you have to do to earn Interaction Badges please refer to the list below. You will be awarded one Major Community Badge for having earned five Interaction Badges. With regard to Community Badges only the Major Community Badges bring you closer to earning the Course Badge and the Course-Certificate respectively.

Major Community BadgesCommunity Hero Badge
There are two types of Community Badges: Interaction Badges and Major Community Badges. You will be awarded one Major Community Badge for having earned five Interaction Badges.

Badge Overview
This graph gives you an overview of all available badges and the prerequisites to earn each badge.

Badge System PoweringAg MOOC Graph
Badge Overview




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  1. Profile photo of Debele Debela

    This is a good approach which keeps the participants active.

  2. Profile photo of Chokri Aslouj

    In the badge overview we see that in the week 2, a badge for accomplishing a quiz can be earned. But in the program of week 2, I see no quiz! Can anyone give us a clue about this? Many thanks…

  3. Profile photo of Amina Maalim

    i did week 1 and week 2 quiz and i didn’t get a badge what happened?

  4. Profile photo of Ayodeji Shoaga

    Hi everyone, i’ll like to find out how to communicate/ work/ share ideas together and do the assignments in a group and as a peer, Would appreciate it if someone can help with this. Thanks

  5. Profile photo of Gladis Maritza Calderón Ysmodes

    Thank you for you reply but i want to know how can i do the correccion for the quiz 3 to obtain 80% because i don’t Know how to
    Answer two Questions.

    • Profile photo of Dismas Angura Odula

      Go back to ”The Course” on the menu bar, click on week 3 on the right of the window that appears thereof, scroll down the table with week 1, week 2, week3 upto the end. below the table you will find quiz 3 click on it and start quiz.

  6. Profile photo of Abdinasir Sadik Mukhtar

    I hope this approach must substitute current outdated educational system.

  7. Profile photo of Adeyemi Esan

    A really innovative spin to MOOC participation. I noticed from other courses I have taken on coursera, how difficult it can be sometimes to keep participants actively engaged on the the platform. Great job guys!

  8. Profile photo of Sarah M. Edelman

    Hey @poweringag, how do we know if we’ve received ALL of our badges up to a certain point?

    • Profile photo of Kristin Hentschel

      You can check at Course Info –> Badge Overview –> click on the badges ex. Community Badges –> list of all badges you need for the Community Badge (Starter, Team Player, Shooting Star, Socializer, Feedback Hero 1, helping angel, commentator, messanger, motivator, feedback hero 2) and then click on “Show Details” and you can see what is required and what you have already gained (this is crossed out). Hope this was helpful for you. Good luck!

    • Profile photo of Abdulmutalib Yussuff

      A good idea is to look at the badge overview to understand the deliverables for obtaining each badge. Then, randomly check profiles of high fliers to see how you lag behind them. I hope this helps

  9. Profile photo of Salwa Bouadila

    Please I dont have the Week Badge for week 3 and 4. I dont know why.
    help me please

    • Profile photo of Abdulmutalib Yussuff

      try and retake the quizes for week 3 and 4. Ensure you complete reading tasks and click on “complete’ button at each stage before getting to the quiz.

    • Profile photo of Abdulmutalib Yussuff

      You can also check your profile to see all of the badges you have received after taking the previous steps I mentioned.

    • Profile photo of Kristin Hentschel

      You had already a look on the Course with all weeks. Maybe you forgot to click on the Button “Mark complete”, then you will get the badge…or you did not reached the 80% in the quiz, then you need to do it again. There is also the Major Badge challenge. Try these options. Hope it works fine for you.

      • Profile photo of Naeem Mawji

        I agree with Abdulmutalib and Kristin. Check three things:

        1. Have you marked all the modules in each week as complete? There is a green button at the bottom that allows you to do that.

        2. When you do the quiz, make sure you got a score of over 80%. If not, do it again.

        3. When done with the quiz, make sure you submit the results before you proceed.

        And check your profile for the badges, you might have already gotten them.

  10. Profile photo of Jackson Mutegeki

    Very Good Approach. No certificate for free riders!!!

  11. Profile photo of Rachel Redman

    The badge idea is great everyone likes tokens of achievement or sum kind of recognition

  12. Profile photo of aurelie rousseau

    Badges system is a nice idea to make it dynamic and ensure participation.

  13. Profile photo of Jacqueline K. Boltz

    The badge system is a great way to track progress, keep participants engaged, and encourage interaction. It definitely makes the course more interesting than it would be to just do the coursework independently.

  14. Profile photo of Md. Sayeed-Ur-Rahim Mahadi

    Very nice initiative to keep all of us active.

    • Profile photo of Oyeboade Makinde

      Venkata, please go up to the ‘My MOOC’ section. From there, click on the ‘My profile’ button. Once you get to your profile page, check for some tabs under your profile picture. You will see the ‘Badges’ button right next to your ‘Profile’ button.

      I hope this helps!!!

  15. Profile photo of Elma Meskovic

    Very nice badge system. Although, I wish the feedback hero badge deadline was made sooner!

  16. Profile photo of Chelimo Ketter Naomi

    This approach keeps participants active. I love it.

  17. Profile photo of Innocent Azih

    This badge system is unique, challenging and useful.

  18. Profile photo of JACQUELINE ABBO

    The badge system is challenging, especially when one has busy schedules and has to go to places without internet connection. However, the content of the course is encouraging despite the challenge. Maybe one should not feel bad if they miss a badge.

  19. Profile photo of Savannah Miles

    This badge system is a good way to keep us all communicating and really processing the learning material and tasks. Great for networking and brainstorming.

  20. Profile photo of Dr. Joseph Walusimbi

    This is an innovative approach to getting us to participate fully. I have picked a leaf from this and will use a similar approach at my work place!

  21. Profile photo of MUHUMUZA ALOIZIOUS

    I am now waiting for my certificate. God bless the organisers. thank you

  22. Profile photo of Chelimo Ketter Naomi

    I am so excited to apply the knowledge into agriculture practically. Thank you organizers for such a wonderful course.

  23. Profile photo of Elijah Mutungi

    Great assessment tool for online trainings

  24. Profile photo of Elijah Mutungi

    I am now waiting to earn assignment 2 badge to earn the MOOC badge and certificate. God is great for this far he has brought us.

  25. Profile photo of Dismas Angura Odula

    At long last I have earned the MOOC badge. It has been a great learning and sharing experience with you all. God bless you all.

  26. Profile photo of Rachel Redman

    Everyone likes tobe rewarded great idea

  27. Profile photo of Innocent Azih

    I did assignment 1 with my team. I could see the badge is missing and am wondering what happened.

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