How to find the best courses in international health: Links to our partner institutions:

GIZ is an associated member of the TropEd network for Education in International Health. The network currently offers over 160 different courses on various public and global health related topics. Search for them here.

The „Academy for Global Health and Development“ (AGGE – Akademie für Globale Gesundheit und Entwicklung) qualifies specialists to work in the field of international healthoffering a number of workshops, trainings and short courses, such as “Quality Management” and  “Leadership and Change Management”  or “Living around Ebola”.

Heidelberg University
Short courses by Heidelberg University organised as two weeks intensive courses, requiring full time attendance from Mondays to Fridays.

Medical Mission Institute Würzburg
The Medical Mission Institute Würzburg has created an eLearning platform „LearnBox“ with a number of free tutored or self-study courses.

World Bank e-Institute
World Bank e-Institute has long-lasting experience in offering high quality e-learning courses and webinars in health and health economics.