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Management of Medicines in International Health

Blended Learning Course “Management of Medicines in International Health

The number and categories of usable medicines are steadily rising but the financial resources available for health services remain limited. This means that the rational management of medicines is becoming increasingly important in public health care in order to have optimal use of the allocated budget and offer health services with the best quality.

The aim of this online course, which is delivered in English, is to introduce the participants to the subject of rational management of medicines in health services. It teaches them about international agreements, national drugs policies, the management cycle of medicines, essential and positive lists of medicines, standard treatment guidelines, personal lists of medicines and treatments, quality assurance and factors in rational use of drugs for health professionals. At the end of the course they will learn the methods and skills needed to develop projects and prepare funding applications.

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Flexibilities of the TRIPS Agreement

Flexibilities of the TRIPS Agreement

E-learning course on “Flexibilities of the TRIPS Agreement” for Participants from the East African Region

TRIPS stands for Trade-related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights. The capacity building course “Flexibilities of the TRIPS Agreement” is geared towards subject matter experts and decision makers from ministries, governmental institutions, NGOs and local pharmaceutical industry. The program equips participants with the necessary tools and knowledge to successfully utilise (and advocate) the flexibilities presented by the WTO TRIPS Agreement towards pharmaceutical production and other means to promote access to medicines in their countries or regions. This course builds on other related activities by UNCTAD and InWEnt.

The course is addressed to experts and decision makers from national ministries, government institutions, non-governmental institutions and commercial enterprises from the pharmaceutical sector, who serve as multipliers in their field. Invited are participants from Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda.


International Leadership Training – Hospital Management

International Leadership Training – Hospital Management

Successful reforms in the health and hospital sector can only be real-ised, when key positions in hospital management are staffed with qualified personnel. The one-year International Leadership Training (ILT) Hospital Management offers advanced training for professionals in the health sector of Asian partner countries. This training is exten-sive and practice-oriented. It enables the participants to design cus-tom-solutions to pressing issues in the management of their hospitals, and to share their knowledge as multipliers.

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