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  1. Profile photo of Sabrina Geppert

    That’s wierd… I can’t find the button to stert the quiz for Week 6… :/

    • Profile photo of Maren Wiese

      No worries! Exactly like the weeks before: Choose the quiz within the lesson topics and the quiz page opens. Then you have to press Week 6 – Quiz (blue letters) again to start the quiz (blue button). I hope it was helpful. Good luck

    • Profile photo of Maren Wiese

      Sorry, have not read the comments and issues with quiz 6 before! You probably could not start it because they overworked it. There is still no statement for question 7.

  2. Profile photo of Maina Margaret

    The two topics have been very enlightening on facilitation and stakeholder engagement. The facilitator’s I deal qualities are very important for a meaningful engagement.

  3. Profile photo of Melanie Joshi

    I think, that the questions where you have to fill in the gaps in all the quizzes (or at least the correction mode) is misleading. When I filled the gap with my own words which were not the one on one from the script (respectful and showing respect is the same for me). But maybe it is more complicated to realize that technically…?

  4. Profile photo of Claudia Musekamp - ONLINE TUTOR

    Yes, it is.
    Because the quiz author needs to add all!! possible answers as correct.

  5. Profile photo of christine priessner

    Sometimes I can click on COMPLETED sometimes not. Does it has any consequences? thanks for feedback…

  6. Profile photo of Eva Hill

    I just did the quiz and question No 5 didn’t give me a statement to check…only the two possible answers were shown…

  7. Profile photo of Claudia Musekamp - ONLINE TUTOR

    Sorry to hear about issues regarding the quiz. From what I could see it, it looks fine. If that issue stands in the way of getting a badge, please let me know.

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