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This week featured an exciting presentation by Dr Emmanuelle Quillérou who  introduced us to Stakeholder engagement through training and capacity building. The presentation will also be made available in French language: “Implication des acteurs sociaux par la formation et renforcement des capacités”

This presentation is based on the use of training and capacity building as a means to induce or facilitate stakeholder engagement process. It outlines a few conditions for successful engagement and factors behind the establishment of successful alliances where stakeholders work together.

Cesar Morales presented on the  Cost of Land Degradation in Latin America. He explores why and how the costs of desertification and land degradation in Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) countries  can be estimated.


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    I can not enter into the live event, there is an invalid path to that event !

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    Hi, when will the recording be available?

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    Sorry, I missed yesterday’s event. Will there be a recording again?

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