Topic Progress:

Introduction: Effective communication

Effective communication has been stressed as essential to successful and mutually beneficial stakeholder engagement in research processes. Anyone who has played Chinese whispers knows how easy it is for communication to break down when information is relayed through a chain of people. But communication problems may arise between just 2 people. Communication problems are often linked to a change in meaning between what a person thinks and what the other person understands.

Stakeholder Engagement Plan

This week, we are continuing the stakeholder analysis (team assignment 2) and will be looking at different methods and approaches for stakeholder analysis. We will be exploring how to foster effective dialogue and mutual understanding throughout the engagement process.

In order to get ready for the final stakeholder engagement plan, we are already taking a glimpse at the week 5 script with its description how to outline such a plan.

This week’s live event features Commonland, a private sector partner of the ELD Initiative.

Join us for an exciting week!