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Last week we started the final challenge. We set sail towards the stakeholder engagement plan. As of late we investigated the formal aspects of such a plan. This week we will explore determining factors that may crucially impact the outcome of an engagement process. The nature of communication is amongst the most consistently immersing conditions for successful stakeholder engagement. In an engagement process communication is vital and its impact should not be underrated!



In this week’s basic reading Dr Emmanuelle Quillérou outlines the conditions for successful stakeholder engagement. On that account we will consider various aspects and subtle variations of interindividual communication. You will have the chance to reevaluate your everyday conversation patterns while studying to adjust and vary them so as to facilitate an engagement process. The quiz revolves around the contents of the basic reading and deals with the artisanry of being a skilled discussion facilitator as well as the various conditions for successful stakeholder engagement. We further included some “Refresher Questions” into the quiz to freshen some of the know-how you will need to develop your team’s plan over the next weeks.

Take a look at this week’s basic reading to get acquainted with the subject matter.

Join us for an exciting week!

Here you find more information on the upcoming live-event, the resources and this week’s assignment:


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