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    It is really important and joyful learning to move step by step from land identification – understanding the term stakeholder- tools for identifying stakeholders and their intensity of relationship – learning for communication and stakeholder engagement approach and many more to come


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    Very well-defined communication techniques. Although using these techniques in everyday life, never thought how important some them are.

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    I particularly like this topic: ELD_MOOC_2.0_course_script_Week_4. Communication can make or break a Stakeholder’s Engagement Plan. And yes, what one is trying to imply can really be translated into something else especially if the stakeholders have a wide variety of interests. Miscommunication/Misunderstanding/Misinterpretation (simply stated as Communication Barrier) is the main cause of disagreements among stakeholders. Once communication is executed in a good manner, a common goal can be easily achieved

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    It seems going in the right direction, developing the stakeholders engagement plan, and paying enough attention to the communication in this respect. Looking forward what next week will give.

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    What an interesting topic on communication!!!It is important to bring all stakeholders on board and set the ground rules on modes of participation to accommodate all i their contributions.

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    Communication is an important aspect which is well defined here. It is the key to any successful project. The correct understanding of the path that is defined here allows to consider the success of the collaboration of stakeholders.

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    Yes, as was said earlier… some points on communication are quite basic but needs to be grasped and applied.

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