Assignment 1

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We will start the ELD MOOC with two assignments, an individual assignment and a team assignment.

To start with, please read the ELD_MOOC_2.0_course_script_Week_1 by Emmanuelle Quillérou with contributions from Thomas Falk.

1) The individual assignment 

The first assignment is very short and will help us to get acquainted with each other. All of us are stakeholders to a land. We would like you to share more information about this. Please go to the world map and click an “Add your Stakeholder Marker”.

  • Name: Enter the name of the land e.g. Tempelhofer Feld
  • Description: Write a brief statement what kind of stakeholder you are and what your interest is. Pls. also add your name if you wish
  • Perspectives: Choose your perspective. Is it a business, a policy or a research perspective?
  • Region: Choose the region where the land is located.
  • Submit

This assignment will receive general feedback.
The assignment is due at the end of week 1.

2) The team assignment 

In this first assignment you will start working in a team. With your team you will choose the case study that will be the basis for your work in this Mooc. In the coming weeks, you will develop a stakeholder engagement plan. This assignment is due at the end of week 2. Here is how to proceed:

1. Choose a team: Here you find a list of teams. Based on the region you are interested in, please choose a group.
In case that you already formed relations in the Mooc 2014 or if you wish to work with specific participants, please feel free to reconnect and form a new team.

2. Find a case study: Your team has three options to find a case study.

Option 1: Your own case
We encourage you to choose your own case. At the same time, if you do so, you need to make sure that your case meets the following criteria of Economics of Land Degradation.

  • The land is degraded
  • Your focus is an ecosystem, an ecosystem service and its benefits
  • You should have valid information on costs and benefits of current and future  land use practices.
  • You should be able to obtain information on stakeholders.


Option 2: Case from  ELD MOOC 2014
Another option is to choose an existing case from the ELD MOOC 2014.

Option 3: Literature research
The ELD Initiative has compiled a number of scientific case studies,
these are available in the ELD  Database. Execute your own
literature research and agree upon a study in your team.

The team assignment is due at the end of week 2.The assignment will be submitted in your team. In each team you will be able to start a new document. Please prepare your assignment using the document function. You may add your own files to the document. At the end of week 2, you will be able to submit a document.

Please note: Once you are ready to submit your document, please make sure that EACH TEAM MEMBER presses the SUBMIT Button, which will be available in week 2. Only then, the submission counts towards the individual team member.


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  1. Profile photo of Moses Kazungu

    Hello Admin,
    I would have loved to share my assignment contribution with my group members, but the activation mode for the document upload or sharing is not active. What next?
    Thank you.

  2. Profile photo of Martin Felipe Wohlgemuth Pinzon

    It was fun to put my piece of land in the Stakeholder map, I read the course script, heard the life session as I was not able to assist, joined a group in my region selected a case study and I will take the quiz.

    Newvertheless I have a doubt regarding the Team assignement as it is not clear to me where the SUBMIT Button for this tram assignement is.

  3. Profile photo of KOFFI BEHIRA FRANCOIS DJEA

    Hello, I would like to know to sbmit assignment 2

  4. Profile photo of Rianne C ten Veen

    Using Safari, the MOOC won’t allow me to add my marker to the stakeholder map (individual assignment for1) :-(
    Is there any work around? E.g. I tell any of the tutors my marker and it gets added? I know it’s extra work, but hopefully not too many will be in my position?!

  5. Profile photo of christine priessner

    Hello. I am not sure how to complete the team assignment since I just joint the team and I haven´t got any response yet.

  6. Profile photo of Deepak Sharma

    I have tried to submit the assignment, but not sure whether it is properly done or not

    • Profile photo of Ephrem Santos

      Hello Deepak,

      I guess you have to wait till Monday in order to know your status. However, if you see “Pending” in your Course – 2nd week, then that means our mentors are still going over our works submitted.

    • Profile photo of Vasantha Ramayanam

      Hello Deepak Sharma Ji, i am Dr R. Vasantha working as Associate professor in Ag. University, Hyderabad, Telangana. I have joined GIZ India team today, hope you are also member of this team. I filled in the survey but i didnot understand how to get added to stakeholder map, i tried several times, i could not do it. What details i shd include there? shd i propose for reclammation of any region i am familiar? i dint get it. Can i know the status of team work and how i can contribute to the team work. Kindly reply

      • Profile photo of Deepak Sharma

        Der Dr. R. Vasantha

        Good Day

        Sorry for delayed response as I was in click on the link “world Map” as given in paragraph on Individual assignment above. As now week one individual assignment is over it is not operating, but you can add stakeholder maps related to team work in week -3 individual assignment now. Once you open week three assignment-2 help us map the world. link it will take you to you will reach to a map called stakeholder Map. There below map is a + mark and “add your stakeholder Marker, click it you will get a form fill it and submit it

  7. Profile photo of Félicien SEBUHINJA

    Hello everybody, I am in the same position like Rianne and Koffi. Is there anyone who can help me.

  8. Profile photo of KONG Sreyrath

    Dear all,
    I wish to activate myself in the team assignment. Would anyone help to instruct how could I contribute or access into the team assignment?
    Many thanks for your support!

  9. Profile photo of Maina Margaret

    It is sad my assignment I, I could not map stakeholder 1. I put my information under the profile. I wish I could correct this. Is there anything I can do?

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