Assignment 4 – The final

Topic Progress:

Stakeholder Engagement: Make it Happen and Present your Plan, Due June 21

Please read:

There is NO individual assignment.

The Team Assignment:
In Assignment 3, you have selected and analyzed your stakeholders, prepared the required communication materials and finally described the engagement process along with the required engagement facilitators. To realize this plan, it needs to be financially supported by exploring possible sources of fund or planning its budget. Further, setting measures of success to evaluate the plan is of most important step for which we can draw lessons later on. This assignment is due end of week 7 and it is based on the Four tasks as following:

1. Communication Materials
You listed in Assignment 3 different communication materials to be disclosed to your Stakeholders in your engagement plan, we ask you to prepare one example of these communication materials. This could be a poster invitation to the 1st stakeholder meeting, a flyer inviting businesses to take part in the process, a video….whatever suits your stakeholders best. It is an opportunity to be creative.

(The material is directly addressed to your stakeholder and usually works best when it is written in the language of the target group. It usually includes a call to action (e.g. join us for the workshop…, support our land cause…, help us create …”).

2. Engagement Plan Financing
2.1 Funding
In this task, you will propose the sources of funding needed for your Stakeholder engagement process described in Assignment 3. This also can include follow up funding and how likely they are to materialize for both research and engagement processes.

2.2 Budget
Based on the stakeholder engagement plan and the processes included in Assignment 3, you can design a budget table detailing the required resources you need over the implementation time (e.g. quarterly or yearly). These resources could include (but not only) general operations, logistics, personnel, administration expenses… etc. This task is feasible if no sources of funds can be secured.

3. Setting Success Criteria
In this task and based on Week 7 Script along with the other basic reading resources, you need to include measures of success for your Stakeholders Engagement Plan. This will help you evaluating your Engagement plan at different stages and draw lessons once it is implemented. These measures of success should go over the research process and the engagement process as well as their outcomes.


  • The team could choose one evaluation criteria or both for their engagement plan evaluation (Outcome-based and/or Process-based).
  • While you set your measures of success as an evaluation of your developed stakeholder engagement plan:

-   How successful the objective(s) and expected outcomes of the research?, and
-   How successful the stakeholder engagement process itself has been?

The following example table can help you draft your plan’s monitoring and measures of success.

Stakeholder Involvement Plan Objective Measure of Success
Increase awareness of the project’s objectives and activities Stakeholder awareness increased
Improve understanding of land degradation perspectives Key land degradation issues are drawn out and clearly articulated
Improve understanding of policy and planning issues Related processes are documented and captured by relevant stakeholders
Improve communication channels and working relationship Ongoing relationship with stakeholders and appropriate updating and information dissemination.

4. Finalize your plan
Having the above tasks done besides the previous assignments, you are requested to develop a one document (doc,ppt or pdf format) that will sum up the Stakeholder Engagement Plan. Your document should be based on the following sections:

1. Cover page with names of contributors(e.g. case study title, team members)

2. Background (it includes the ELD case study chosen, land description, why it is important and selected for your MOOC project, land ecosystem services provided, land degradation causes and effects) (Assignment 1)

3. Stakeholder Analysis and Selection (Assignment 2+3)

4. Communication Materials (it includes also the communication materials example) (Assignment 3+4)

5. Engagement Process Description and Facilitation needed (this also includes description of the required qualities for engagement facilitators) (Assignment 3)

6. Engagement Plan Financing (Assignment 4)

7. Measures of Success (evaluation criteria)  (Assignment 4)

You may add an appendix with further material if you need to.

Presentation in webinar on June 24

Three teams will be selected to present their final project in the webinar on June 24 at 13:00 UTC. Please indicate in your submission if and who would be willing to do so.

The presenters need a stable internet connection and a headset linked to the computer. (We will do a technical check before the session). The presenter needs to prepare a short slideshow. The presentation is 20 minutes in total: 15 minutes presentation and 5 minutes Q/A session. Please also include the NAMES of the CONTRIBUTORS.


The team task is due at the end of week 7. Assignment 4 will be submitted in your team. In each team you will be able to start a new document. Please prepare your assignment using the document function. You may add your own files to the document. At the end of week 7, you will be able to submit a document.

Please note: Once you are ready to submit your document, please make sure that EACH TEAM MEMBER submits the team document. Only then, the submission counts towards the individual team member.


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