Assignment 3

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Assignment 3 – Part 1
Stakeholder Engagement: Your Plan, Due June 7

Please read
ELD_MOOC_2.0_course_script_Week_5, and

There is NO individual assignment.

The team assignment:

While you are finishing team assignment 2, it is time to start conceiving and drafting your stakeholder engagement plan (who, when, how, how much) based on the material covered in the past weeks to outline one possible structure for a stakeholder engagement plan.  Remember, the plan should be a consistent whole rather than a catalog of points: you are trying to convince a donor to fund your stakeholder engagement proposal and your stakeholder to participate!  This assignment is due end of week 5 and it is based on main three tasks:

1. Stakeholder analysis and selection

Based on Week 3 script and Assignment 2 output, you need in this task to show detail how you identify stakeholders, how diverse they are, whether you think they are ‘legitimate’ or not, how you differentiate between and categories them, what the relationships between them is.

2. Material to prepare ahead of the discussion

Based on Weeks 2 and 4 scripts, start preparing communication material to stakeholders (costs, benefits, options, pathways) and building up of an evolution scenario to be included as part of stakeholder engagement plan in a format suitable to facilitate the discussion during engagement (e.g. poster, flyer, pictures).

Important: Please refer to Setting up effective communication worksheet that will help you walk through this task during Week 4.

3. Description of engagement process and identification of facilitation needs

Based on Weeks 3 and 4 scripts, you will be able submit their thoughts and consideration of the stakeholders engagement timing and facilitations needed during your ELD project. You may want to create a combined timeline of the research process and engagement process to outline how they relate to one another, keeping in mind that roles may vary as ELD project develops from inception to dissemination of final outcomes.

Breakdown your ELD project into stages,

  • When the Stakeholders should be engaged,
  • Why at this time,
  • Proper management and channeling to Stakeholders participatory process.
  • Facilitation needed (personnel and staffing required) to achieve the engagement process.



The team task is due at the end of week 5. Assignment 3 will be submitted in your team. In each team you will be able to start a new document. Please prepare your assignment using the document function. You may add your own files to the document. At the end of week 5, you will submit your document.

Please note: Once you are ready to submit your document, please make sure that EACH TEAM MEMBER presses the SUBMIT Button. Only then, the submission counts towards the individual team member. Please make sure that team members do not submit different versions of the documents. Each team member submits the same document.




Setting up effective communication


Please read ELD MOOC 2.0 course script Week 4


The team assignment 

Teams should work on Building Evolution Scenario for discussion with stakeholders towards successful engagement of stakeholders based on your ELD MOOC project. This task would be submitted as a proposal document tailing the communication mechanism with the “Stakeholders involved” based on their importance and influence over your ELD project. Here is how to proceed:


  • State the Areas of Common Interest by the stakeholders to be addressed in your Communication.

It is usually understood that stakeholders engaged in a stakeholder engagement process have areas of common interest because of the nature of the process itself.


  • Explain the Type of Language you would use in your Communication

It is important to make sure that everyone speaks the same language from the start of the engagement process. It is often a key to ensuring good communication throughout.


  • List the Format of Communication you will use.

The Communicate should be in a format accessible to all. Communication can be written, oral or non-verbal (e.g., body language). It can take a range of different forms such as written reports and articles, letters, emails, pictures, videos, drawings, graphics, etc.


  • Explain your Communication Mechanism to ensure every stakeholder is involved?

It is good to identify a few rules of communication at the early stages of the stakeholder engagement process. To ensure that every stakeholder listens to, understands and respects what other stakeholders are saying.


  • Lastly, you have identified the list of common areas, set-up the type of communication language, listed the format of your communication and explained the communication mechanism among your stakeholders.

It is essential to propose when and what to communicate during your Stakeholders engagement process of the MOOC ELD project. To consider this last step, please discuss what is provided for:

-   Communication at the start of the engagement process

-   Communication during the engagement process

-   Communication over what’s next

Submit Team Document