Map: Stakeholders of the world

Dear participants,

thank you all for contributing to the second assignment on the  Stakeholder Map! We were delighted to read so many valuable entries about regional, national and international stakeholders. The map shows the range of interests to be harmonized for sustainable land management to become a reality”

We assembled a few examples from the stakeholder map.  Take a trip around the world!

Full map
Albania: Synej Kavaja area 
Bangladesh: National Government Agencies
Burkina Faso: Burkajou Field
Botswana: Palapiye Land
Chile: Central Chile 
Germany: Duisburg Nord
Indonesia: Walhi
Mauritius: MACOSS
Nicaragua: ILS Corinto
Philippines: Clark Green City
Ukraine: Ministry of natural resources and environmentTanzania: Miya-Shamba

We are excited to be sailing towards the end of our tour and have you all on board!

Claudia Musekamp, Online Tutor

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