Week 8


Today we commence the final unit of the 2015 ELD MOOC! We highly appreciate the depth and scale of your ongoing participation during these past weeks. Most of you worked very hard during each and every assignment. Your hard work paid off! Please take a moment to compliment yourself on your achievements!

Owing to the difficult nature of any engagement process, as well as the complexity and scale of some your cases, these past two weeks were particularly work intensive. That is why we are all the more pleased by the high level of sophistication in a great many of your final projects.

We received a wide range of unique submissions from a magnitude of teams. We are looking forward to review and assess all of your papers. Please expect our feedback to be sent along with your certificate for this course. Given the number of submissions and the scale of some of the engagement plans, the review process will be intricate. Please allow several days for us to send out your feedbacks and certificates alike.

We want your ideas and findings to receive the attention and credit they deserve. That’s why we arranged for a number of teams to present their cases and stakeholder engagement plans to the course and the entire ELD community. A scope of teams agreed to present on their final stakeholder engagement plan during this weeks live event. This will give you the opportunity to share your experiences, discuss your results, receive input and feedback from other teams, promote your project, and ultimately make a big step towards the successful realization of your stakeholder engagement plans.

Once again, thank you all for your continuous contribution and dedication to this course and for your commitment to the ELD community!

Join us for an exciting final week and an extended Live-Event this upcoming Wednesday!