Week 7


We are now officially on the final stretch of the 2015 ELD MOOC. We want to thank you all for your continuous contribution and dedication to this course and for being active and committed members to the ELD community!
By now you and many other teams submitted the first part of the stakeholder engagement plan. We had the privilege to review many compelling and exciting submissions. Please expect our notes and feedback on your team’s submission shortly.
As part of the final assignment you will include measures of success for your stakeholder engagement plan. This week we will engage in measures of stakeholder engagement success.


In this week’s basic reading Dr Emmanuelle Quillérou introduces the basic principles and obstacles for evaluating stakeholder engagement processes.
Dr Quillérou emphasizes the need for measures of success for evaluation and accountability. It is only by questioning our ways that we can improve. Evaluating current and past practices and actions can be a valuable tool to improve from past experiences and inform future action. Evaluation can be one way to challenge current practices and a way for stakeholders to hold accountable the people responsible for leading and implementing actions.
This weeks’ quiz revolves around the contents of the basic reading and deals with some of the obstacles one might encounter when defining success and measuring the outcome of an engagement process. We once more included some “Refresher Questions” into the quiz to freshen some of the know-how you will need to develop the final assignment.

Take a look at this week’s basic reading to get acquainted with the subject matter.

Join us for an exciting week!

Here you find more information on the upcoming live-event, the resources and this week’s assignment: