Week 5

Introduction: The Stakeholder Engagement Plan

Over the course of the past four weeks we became acquainted with a wide spectrum of methods and concepts for stakeholder engagement. During this time your team scoped out all the relevant characteristics of your cases while assembling and interpreting comprehensive information on the case specific stakeholders. Now it is time to practice your new skills as you consolidate your case specific knowledge and expertise into a stakeholder engagement plan. We will start this process by getting to know the elements of a stakeholder engagement plan.


In this week’s basic reading Dr Emmanuelle Quillérou outlines a possible structure for a stakeholder engagement plan. To that end the script draws largely from material covered in the past weeks.
The quiz revolves around the contents of the basic reading and deals with the individual elements as well as the structure of a stakeholder engagement plan. We further included some “Refresher Questions” into the quiz to freshen some of the know-how you will need to develop your team’s plan over the next weeks.
Keep in mind that you need to ensure that all sections of your plan are linked together well without too much repetition. The plan should be a consistent whole rather than a catalog of points: you are trying to convince a donor to fund your stakeholder engagement process and your stakeholder to participate!

Take a look at this week’s basic reading to get acquainted with the subject matter.

Join us for an exciting week!

Here you find more information on the upcoming live-event, the resources and this week’s assignment: