Week 4

Introduction: Effective communication during an engagement process

Last week focused on really getting to know our stakeholders. This week will be all about effectively communicating with them during the stakeholder engagement process. Ensuring effective communication is a key element of a beneficial stakeholder engagement processes. However, this aspect tends to be overlooked in the planning and the execution phase of a project. This week will empower you to avert miscommunication and to ensure effectiveness over the timeframe of your project. Ideally this week will prepare you to be a good communication facilitator.


In this weeks chapter of the course script we will present you with a few pointers on how to foster effective dialogue and mutual understanding throughout the engagement process. These may sometimes feel “too obvious” but they are in practice often forgotten about, causing ineffective communication. We will also be looking at timely communication. Communication to participants about how processes will unfold can be very good but sometimes too early or too late to be retained by participants. Timely communication can be critical to ensuring smooth processes.

Join us for an exciting week!

Here you find more information on the upcoming live-event, the resources and this week’s assignment: