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    Please am sending my assignment on options and pathways for your perusal. I will be very happy if corrections are made available to me. Group :West 4
    Thanks Yalancy

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    Massive Open Online Course on the Economics of Land Degradation
    Assignment 1: Describe Options and Pathways to Sustainable Land Management
    Sustainable land management to start with is an individual or collective human effort geared to at least minimising Land Degradation in order to prevent Climate Change, Biodiversity Loss and Desertification.
    To fight against this worldly threat, civil society has a potentially vital role in promoting synergy through participation and that participation act as an important mechanism for harnessing multiple benefits. Participation needs to be institutionalised and in doing so we should emphasize on empowerment, equity, trust and learning. These can only be achieved if the individuals, groups and organizations that are directly or indirectly affected by the outcomes of land degradation are engaged to be part and parcel of the battle. The affected individuals, groups and organizations are the stakeholders. As a very important option to stakeholder engagement, planning and preparation is critical. Multiple stakeholders whose role can be described as economical, social and environmental are indispensible actors in the participation process. Stakeholder participation is increasingly being sought and embedded into environmental decision-making process from local to international scale (Reeds, 2008)
    The many claimed benefits, which to my opinion justifies for serving as options and pathways, for sustainable land management, of stakeholder participation had been a major drive to widespread incorporation in national and international policy. These can be broadly categorized under normative and pragmatic arguments for stakeholder engagement on environmental decision-making. Below are researched reasons that justified stakeholder engagement to ensure sustainable land management:
    1. Better understand diverse landscape values.
    2. Better understand needs of other land users and the impact of various activities on land users.
    3. Share knowledge and collect data that will inform decision-making, and
    4. To jointly plan and integrate activities/footprint can be minimised.
    In Romania, Mars is a locality with a population of 5449 is located in Donju County, under the Romsliva Sadowa Forest District. There are serious issues of environmental and social characteristics notable of which was the cumulative impact of deforestation. Overgrazing, sandy soils and the breakdown of irrigation system have led to increased desertification and land degradation.
    This environmental challenge was overcomed through stakeholder participation which played a central role harnessing benefits across multiple environmental and social dimensions, in this case between efforts to improve local livelihood, combat desertification and mitigate climate change.

    Presented by,
    Alimamy Yalancy

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      I am still not 100% sure of what we need to submit for this team assignment, but it looks like you are on the right track. You may want to include some of the information from the worksheet to assignment 1 such as the type of services provided by the ecosystem your team chose. Your case study sounds inspiring.


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    Looks pretty good; a picture or couple (if you have of course) in the original document would make it look much better.
    Pretty good indeed!

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    I submitted assignment, but it`s still not accepted..Its written “pending”..and Assignment not marked as done..What should I do? thanks

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    My query is the same as Kudrat Nurmetov. Thanks

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    The ELD_MOOC_2015 materials are very interesting; thanks for sharing.

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    But my team assignment is still has written pending on it, although I have submitted. Is this a technical issue? Please guide

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    Due to an unespected mission, I submitted my Week 2 assignment with a delay. Once submitted though, the green circle is not marked in green. What should I do?

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    Hello, I am pretty sure I submitted my team assignment of week 2 on time but unfortunately until now I haven’t received any badge for this week. Could you please tell me why? Best regards, Henrik

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      Hello Henrik! The same thing happened to me; assignment was marked as approved, but had not generated a badge. What I did was go back to Week 2 through “The Course” on the upper menu (which will lead to this same page, apparently) and under the Lesson topics list will now be a “Mark Complete” black rectangle. I cliked on it and my week turned green and badge appeared under the profile. I hope this helps!

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