Technical Requirements

The ELD MOOC runs on the plattform Global Campus 21 for Elearning and Social Media at the GIZ

The ELD-MOOC runs on all the common browsers (Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera) in the current versions. You can also access to the ELD MOOC using your Tablet or Smartphone

For our webinars we use the Live-Collaboration Tool Saba Meeting. In order to access to the Tool you need to consider the follow instructions:

-       Please check that you have installed java in your computer in order to use it. Check  In order to install java you will need administrator rights in your computer. Please contact your IT department if this apply.

-       Microsoft Windows 8 does not support plug-ins in the Start screen and therefore Java will not run in theStart screen. You will have to switch to the Desktop screen to run Java.  Read more…

-       Chrome version 42 an later deactivated Java. If you use Chrome you will have to activated manually. Read more…

If you have technical or compatibility issues please use the form in our Contact & Support page.