• Svenja Schoe posted an update in the team Team logo of Niger Delta - NigeriaNiger Delta – Nigeria 4 years, 8 months ago

    Dear Delta Team members,

    I think I speak for all of us when I give a BIG thank you to Patrick for his major contributions for the team assignments! With work and other commitments it is not always easy to give 100% on the assignments but I tried my best. I think we had a very interesting stakeholder engagement topic and I will follow up about the development in the Niger Delta in the future. Maybe I see some of you again in the next ELD MOOC :) Have a nice weekend!

    • Dear Schoe,
      I am humbled by your complement, and i would also want to thank you big, and deep from my heart for helping me learn more about setting guidelines before doing any activity, i used more of your guidelines to make work easier. Thank you for the fact that you had more information about Niger delta, the video you shared, made me learn more about degradation situation in the delta. I am looking forward to connect with you as a friend in future too and share ideas being in same field. Currently i am in Germany for training. Here is my email address.
      I also thank Grace and the rest for their great team work.
      Vielen Dank