• Claudia Musekamp – ONLINE TUTOR posted an update in the team Team logo of Europe South 4Europe South 4 4 years, 8 months ago

    Dear Maren Wiese, M.Sc.,
    Congratulations on the successful completion of the ELD MOOC 2015! We want to express our gratitude for your continuous contributions to this course.
    The final version of your stakeholder engagement plan contains all the information needed to arrange, schedule, and execute the proposed engagement process in the Cantabrian Mountain Range. Your research embraces all the relevant variables of the case and your presentation of the results is very thorough and detailed. The communication material is especially appealing and certainly has great potential to facilitate the engagement process.
    Upon reviewing your final assignment and evaluating your work throughout the course, we now awarded you the Golden Course Badge. With the Golden Course Badge you are issued a certificate by the UNU-INWEH. Congratulations!
    Please allow a couple of days for the UNU-INWEH to prepare the certificates. The certificates will be mailed to the individual email-adresses you registered with on the platform.

    Thank you again for your hard work. You are a valued member of the ELD community!