• Felicia Olufunmilayo Akinyemi posted an update 4 years, 7 months ago

    This is an addition to the online survey, I pressed the submit button before I finished writing. Sorry since this isn’t the right forum.
    In answer to the last question about what to improve: The issue of drop rate among team members which leaves a heavy burden on the committed few. Since the exercises were so intense and so time demanding to fulfill, hardly can one do them without reading the materials and doing extra research work. Free-riding among team members should be reduced. I just don’t want to assume that the affected members just wished to be irresponsive to meeting deadlines for team assignments or to disappear. maybe you can explore the drop out rate by regions, I seem to have a feeling that more African based participants might have dropped off due to issues related to the lack of electricity, poor internet access, etc. I wish to see more individual assignments in the next MOOC, which also is a better gauge of what an individual knows. This is not to say team work is not great. Where the team properly functions, team assignments are great.