Community Badges

You will receive community badges for engaging with the community. There are two types of community badges: starter and advanced. Have a look at the overview or on your profile badge. You will probably find that you have already earned some badges. The full colored badges below, are the ones you have already earned. On the ones shaded out, you are still missing one or more steps to earn the badge.

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  1. Profile photo of Deepak Sharma

    Nicely Designed Badge system to prompt or motivate participants to be active on platform

  2. Profile photo of Dhananjaya

    Thoughtful design of various badges to effectively engage and monitor the participants stake in the course!

  3. Profile photo of Edgar André Lampenscherf

    The badges system really seems to motivate the community to interact. Good idea!

  4. Profile photo of Henrik Trevisan

    Great idea that you can compensate for a missing week assignment by being active in the community!

  5. Profile photo of Aimee Rogers

    Love the colors and the ability to put the major badges on a website!

  6. Profile photo of Bakhtiyor Zukhurov

    I like the diversity of badges; the set-up motives to go for another badge.

  7. Profile photo of Palash Sharma

    This badges system really seems to motivate people from all around the world to interact. Good idea!

  8. Profile photo of Moses Kazungu

    wow! they look so elegant. These are a must win budges.

  9. Profile photo of Maina Margaret

    WOW, I was looking to this moment. I am very motivated!

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