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We would like to welcome you to this exciting Massive Open Online Course on ‘Options and Pathways for Action: Stakeholder Engagement’, hosted by the Economics of Land Degradation (ELD) Initiative.

This 8 week course ran live from May 5th until June 29th, and focuses on the dynamic and pressing topic of stakeholder engagement. Although, it is not possible to achieve a certificate anymore, you are still able to access all course resources and watch recordings of all webinars via this platform.

Benefit from the experience of renowned scientists and experts presenting webinars, as well as rich, extensive course material and a great community with people passionate about sustainable land management.

If you have not registered, yet, please join us here!

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Assembled collection of all your stakeholder engagement plans - Dear all, a great number of you developed elaborate and compelling stakeholder engagement plans over the span of this course. Your teams worked on a wide variety of cases located all over the world. Now, we assembled all of your genuinely inspiring projects and published them on the course website. Please find the complete collection […]
Great finale - Thank you very  much to all speakers and participants of the last and final live session of the ELD MOOC 2015. It was a great experience to see all the hard work come to life in yesterday’s presentation. You find the Recording and Presentations for download here. I will get back to you with some more information […]
Join us for the final webinar - Join us for our final session on wednesday with Thomas Falk on the Okavango Project and  teams presenting their final projects! Join us here on Wednesday, 24 at 1300 UTC

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