A long awaited initiative


Zambia currently doesn’t have a mature mechanism for monitoring the human rights situation. Therefore, the project supported the Human Rights Commission Zambia (HRC) in implementing a monitoring and reporting project in cooperation with various civil society organisations (CSO). For the first time, state and civil society actors jointly developed on-and offline tools in order to systematically compile information on human rights violations.

So far, the project has received great appreciation from the stakeholders involved. Eugene Kabilika, Head of Programmes at Caritas Zambia, praised the project as “a long awaited initiative that improves monitoring and raises awareness of human rights in the country”. Edward Sakala, Executive Director of The Paralegal Alliance Network, confirmed that the cooperation of CSOs, HRC and the Zambia Prisons Authority has enhanced human rights promotion in Zambia significantly.

Visit the HRC Website for further information.

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