Togo: Radio at the heart of the community

The media provide comprehensive information on all matters of public concern, don’t they? At least if they want to be a force to be reckoned with in democratic and participatory processes. But what is the precondition for media in general and radio in particular to be able to highlight an issue from different perspectives? Right, they have to be financially independent.

‘Radio at the heart of the community’ introduced systematic funding policies and gave an insight into innovative modes of radio financing to Togolese local radio stations. This was intended to lay the foundation for sound finances and thus greater editorial independence from a limited number of funding sources to strengthen critical-constructive reporting. As a second and complementary component, the pilot project supported the production of live radio talk shows called ‘Radio Mobile’. This interactive format witnessed radio moderators facilitating discussions between citizens, civil society activists and local officials and councillors.

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Get involved: "Radio Mobile"

Get involved: "Radio Mobile"

The media are important governance actors. By providing information and critical news coverage, they assume an intermediary role between the public administration and citizens - and thus make public participation in development processes a reality....
Innovative models for radio financing

Innovative models for radio financing

Most local radio stations in Togo are in dire need of reliable funding sources in order to guarantee editorial freedom and non-partisan news coverage. As neutral funding is scarce, they are often subject to influence, which leads to biased news coverage....
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Project Overview

Project NameTogo: Radio at the heart of the community
ObjectiveLocal radio stations develop innovative modes of financing and are strengthened in their role as a mediator in local development processes.
Target groupsLocal radio stations, local officials and citizens of selected municipalities
Partners'Promoting Good Governance as a Contribution to Decentralisation in Togo' Programme, DW Akademie, Maison de la Presse (national press institute), local radio stations in three municipalities
Overall termSeptember 13 - September 14
BudgetEUR 100,000
LinksImplementing GIZ programme Maison de la Presse


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