Rwanda: Promoting media reform

The project promotes freedom of expression and supports the media reform process in Rwanda. Particular assistance is provided to the newly established Rwanda Media Commission (RMC).

RMC is an independent representative body for media professionals, which oversees the self-regulation of the media. The project assists RMC in organisational development, fundraising and dialogue with other self-regulating institutions. Also, DW Akademie supports RMC and the Association of Rwandan journalists (ARJ) in promoting the new code of ethics and instructing local journalism trainers. In addition, the project assists civil society organisations and youth groups in publicising the new media laws and exercising their right to freedom of expression. This is achieved by the means of citizen journalism, theatre workshops and film production.

Further Readings
Rwanda Media Commission: Promoting free, responsible and accountable media

Rwanda Media Commission: Promoting free, responsible and accountable media

At the beginning of 2013, Rwanda underwent a media law reform. The passing of the Media Law No. 02/2013 marked an important turning point in the history of Rwandan media regulation: It transferred responsibility from a statutory agency to an organization...
Rwanda: Young people speak out

Rwanda: Young people speak out

The project supported human rights activists and youth groups  in spreading the word about the Rwandan media reform. The youth rights organisation AJPRODHO organised a regional summit with participants from Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, and Burundi. The yo...
Conveying the new Code of Ethics

Conveying the new Code of Ethics

The Rwanda Media Commission (RMC) was founded in September 2013 as a self-regulatory media body. It has the mission to promote media freedom and professionalism, arbitrate media disputes and educate journalists and the public about media and its role ...
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Project Overview

Project NamePromoting media reform in Rwanda
ObjectiveThe media's capacity for independent self-regulation has been increased
Target groupsThe Rwandan Population, who will benefit from independent reporting and self-regulation by the media
PartnersProgramme 'Decentralisation and Good Governance', Programme "Promoting Human Rights", DW Akademie, Rwanda Media Commission, AJPRODHO, LDGL, Ejo Youth Echo, Rwanda Cinema Center/KWETU Film Institute
Pilot phaseOctober 2013 - October 2014, part of the activities continue
BudgetEUR 140,000
LinksRMC LDGL AJPRODHO EYE KWETUImplementing GIZ Programme I Implementing GIZ Programme II


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